Syma 3-Channel Alloy Shark Helicopter

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Syma 3-Channel Alloy Shark Helicopter
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Syma S006 3-Channel Alloy Shark Helicopter, Wireless 3-Channel Controller

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The average rating on Buzzillions is about 5 stars.

Black Saturday?

Oooo, I’m gonna have to grab one of these

Yesterday’s excuse was that everyone was already in line.

What’s today’s?

[link=]Looks[/link] like $49.95 from

They also seem to have spare parts for when you break the helicopter. Which you will. Repeatedly.

These look heli fun, yo.

I was just in a store the other day and was checking out these little heliocoptors. I was told by the store personal that the ones with two sets of blades were far harder than the singletons to control.

The one I bought was somewhat smaller and I got two for $50 dollars. I’m not sure how the sizes compare to this one.

what, did all the mall carts finally run out of these?

This is made of alloy so you may be able to fly it THROUGH a wall instead of just into it.

This looks durable enough for a day of fun or so.

Do these use a real 3 channel radio, or IR?

If it is IR (Light controlled) forget trying to fly it outside.

I just found my answer: It’s a real radio! Cheap, but it transmits RF :slight_smile:

Whoever told you that the dual rotor helis were harder to fly doesn’t know anything about helicopters, cause he’s wrong. In fact the opposite is true.

The three channels seem to relate to possible directions, not radio frequencies. It seems to have only two radio control frequencies.

This is a nice little heli. With 3 channels, you get throttle (up/down), rotate left/right, and forward/backward. This is much better than the 2 channel variety Woot has sold in the past.

The one thing this guy lacks is a heading hold gyro. It will take more skill to control the nose direction and it will continue to spin with inertia after a turn. The same heli with a gyro will “snap” to a heading and stay there (assuming the rotation is properly trimmed).

Happy flying!

Can we get some closeups of the actual freakin’ helicopter?! The remote isn’t nearly as cool!

Absolutely agree with qqqqqq582, dual rotor RC helicopters are much, much easier to fly due to both stability and manuveurability. It’s much easier to control a dual rotor – especially indoors. It’s a decent deal, but factor in the cost for parts. Make no mistake, unless you are very experienced with RC copters, sooner or later you will be buying parts for this unless you consider $30 a disposable purchase.

The only time you should listen to the in-store salespeople is if they have both items in-stock at the time you ask the question - only then is there no incentive for them to make stuff up.