SYMA Airbus RC Airplane

come on!

SYMA Airbus RC Airplane

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condition: New
product: 1 SYMA 3845 Airbus RC Airplane

NEXT!! keep it moving alonggg :]

no time for toys!!

does the remote control the roomba?

At least it’s not speakers or an HP all in one printer.

Sweet toy

NEXT!! keep it moving alonggg :]

this is also carp

probably not first


Sweet toy

Cool product, then I saw this:

Charging time: 3 hours
Run time per charge: 5-10 minutes

Doesn’t even look like it has rudder controls

Just take these down and put them in the BOC and move on.

Sky Romantic? I’m not even sure what that means?

If it ain’t Boeing, I’m not going.

Charge for 3 hours and use for up to 10 minutes?