Syma Double-Prop Mini RC Helicopter

Yep, got one of these mini RC helicopters in the last woot-off. A ton of fun! No complaints here!

great, another set of blades to destroy. These things are pretty impossible to fly, period. For $15 though not too bad.

lol, funny kitteh video

bring on the boc I’m sleepy

Almost gone

got one and my kids broke it. . .like they do everything

WOW! What a deal! Everybody needs three of these!

in for three :slight_smile:

FUUUUUN! How can you say no to a remote control helecopter?!

mine caught fire, really… burned my cofee table

so wait, I’m confused by the controller.

I see the up up, down down, the left right, left right, but I don’t see the B and A buttons

I have one. It was so fun the first 3.5 seconds. Than it “landed” and was henceforth askew.

I took one for the team!!!

Sweet, I’m buying one.

I bought 2 last wootoff and both were wasted in 10 minutes… but 10 mintes of FUN

I just HAD to get one, you know for the warehouse at work :stuck_out_tongue:

all i want is the illusive bag of crap :"(

Well I just bought a $20,000 car for all cash meaning no payments, so I don’t even have anything left over for Woot. Not even for a $10 copter. :frowning:

Bye all.

i dunno about this one specifically, but these things are pretty cool. just make sure its not windy

oh and it helps if u land it on carpet or grass

ok, please stop. you own everything on woot, why are you here?