Syma Fairy Remote Controlled Micro Helicopter

back to instant sellouts we go

IN FOR ONE :smiley:

WOOOOOOT! In for 3. I’ve been waiting for a remote heli since I first heard of

These WILL DIE if you ever crash them. Which you will do on your first try.

So if you want it, get three.

no…no…and no

to post that crap AGAIN…

Bought 2 a few weeks ago and they haven’t arrived yet! Hope they get here today.

WOW… That was quick…

Seen these close to a dozen times, and it’s always the same story… Oh woot. =}D please give us something cool next!

In for one

Damn, that sold out quick. I really wanted one of these.

these things fly great for soemthing 10 bucks. great deal quit all your bitching.

these babies fly great, i got 3, i wanted 3 more, come on woot!!!