SYNC by 50 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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SYNC by 50 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
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Check out the product page and lets learn all about SMS Audio

“Passive Noise Cancelation” is based on the scientific principle of cancelling noise by sticking your fingers in your ears and humming loudly. The more accurate term is ‘passive-aggressive noise cancellation’ to differentiate it from ‘active noise cancellation’ which involves humming back everything you hear but in reverse phase.

I can tell you that passive cancellation works well against SWMBO. For loud cackling outbursts it’s my experience that sticking my tongue out can quickly dissipate most interference.

Just curious, have you tested passive cancellation while flying?

Found this review here at CNET.

And this comparison here on

For my money - I’m going to gamble on something else.

I am a bit confused, what is the tangle free cord?
I have three sets of wireless that use docking stations (Sony), require docking station, AC plug in, etc. Frankly, of the three only one works as advertised. These would seem to be a big step up if all that is needed is to plug in the blue tooth transmitter and keep fresh batteries

$169 plus at e.bay

Thanks for the post, WOOT give her/him a quality post, the info made my mind up for me

“Sync by 50?” Is this a Battle of the Rappers (Dre vs. 50 cent), to see who can overcharge the most for cheap Chinese stuff through marketing?

From what I understand, the headphones and transmitter both need to be charged separately, and you can’t go back or forward through tracks using the headphones. You have to actually change it on the player itself. How exactly is this better than Bluetooth?