System Email Update

Received a PM about updating my email in the system. Is this legit or am I getting scammed?

@ThunderThighs had a vague, mysterious answer when it happened to me awhile ago. Perhaps more will be revealed.

Not a scam but nothing you can do about it.

We haven’t completed the connections for the forums to send you an email. We can’t put your email in your forum account bc the forum company would have access to it and that’s a data privacy no-no.

So, we created a unique email address for everyone and we use that to connect to your email address on Woot. We just haven’t finished it up so it works.

The forums are trying to send you an email but it’s not working.

If I turn off emails, there’s a big banner on the forums saying email is turned off which confuses everyone.

So should I not update it with an actual email address?

It won’t let you, at least it wouldn’t let me.

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Then I shall ignore.

Yes, ignore. And rejoice that we are protecting your data.



FYI, I asked the forum company to turn off our emails so that’s done. No ugly banner. :slight_smile:


I saw that banner briefly a little over an hour ago.

The time it took them to disable it, something I couldn’t do.