Szalinki's Ant Ride Adventures

I don’t get it.

Hence, I won’t be buying this one, either.

You’ve never seen ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’?

Oh, never mind.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

I love this one, but it’s a no go.

Honey, I shrunk the…shirt!!

Anty. ;_;

Yes, I was having a brain fart.

“Psssst! Men’s XL will be printed on AA. Everything else will be on Anvil.”

Hmmm … (on inventory …)

Bought it simply because AA

This would be perfect, if I was buying this one. I wear an XL.

Ha! Thanks! I totally missed that while trying to be clever. Guess it is a go for me!

Finally! :wink:

I almost changed my mind when I saw that its not shipping till 9/9! That’s quite a delay, but understandable with this being a shirt-off.

It makes much more financial sense to print all of these after they sell instead of before or during like they normally do.

Hmmm, indeed…

Yes, I totally get that. For me, it was more about my travel schedule and when I will actually be able to pick up my mail. I hate to burden my family with having stacks of packages waiting for me.

“Szalinski” is spelled wrong.

…on both the shirt, as well as the title…
Correct Spelling = Szalinski

Holy dyslexia! You’re right!

Email Travis to see if it could be addressed before it goes to print.

Email sent to