T-Fal 18-Piece Non-stick Cookware Set

Nope. Those handles look plastic.

Meh. I gave up non-stick years ago. Only ceramic, stainless steel, and cast iron for me.

$90 + $1 shipping at Walmart:

Except here you get egg pan instead of a steamer…

Edit: Oh yeah… there are reviews there too… yup…

I have enough teflon crap as it is anyway.

Can’t find the exact set, but I did find some 12-pc sets of the same brand for $200.


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Also, the manufacturer’s site.

These all have non-stick coating, so you aren’t going to be getting them hot enough for the plastic material to matter. Probably.

I’m not a big fan of non-stick surfaces except for very specific applications (like eggs and pancakes), but a lot of people like the convenience.

Edit: the manufacturer’s site says “Oven safe to 350°F”, so the plastic handles shouldn’t be a problem.

is this TEFLON???

I have always heard consistently only good things about T-Fal pans and their non-stick ones in particular. I bought one of their frying pans for eggs and it is pretty great.

The key feature is that they are non-stick inside and out, which makes clean-up very easy.

i have these
they are crap
all the pans have severely warped and don’t sit flat on the burner anymore
means uneven heat and horrible for cooking


$89.99 + shipping same set only in red…

So much quick hate but for someone on a tight budget trying go get their stuff together I say this looks like a reasonably good deal (at first glance). Might get it for some friends who just got their first apartment.

FYI - Most “non-stick” surfaces produce toxic fumes when overheated. For humans and other mammals (dogs and cats) the risk is minimal. But for birds (whose lungs are especially fragile), the fumes can cause death within seconds.

My recommendation is that if you have birds or other small animals, avoid all non-stick products. And if you must have a non-stick product in your house, make sure that you never heat it empty and that your kitchen is far removed from whatever room your animals are in.

I have found my ceramic pans have lost their non-stick nature after about a year of heavy use. I now have to use as much oil as I would for using my stainless steel pans to prevent “stickage”. Do you have any suggestions to revitalizing my ceramic pans?

I generally used it only for eggs and pancakes but after it lost its non-stick-iness, I went and bought a t-fal. I would prefer to use ceramic again.

i counted all the pieces in my head. i can confirm it is 18.

Don’t even consider them if you have a glass top stove. Reviews say the bottom of the pans instantly scratch up the glass.

When it comes to cookware, you get what you pay for. Invest in some nice cookware… Calphalon or even higher end Cuisinhart for starters. They have an amazing warranty, and an excellent product.

Almost 100% positive reviews on that Walmart listing…the only negatives seem to say that the grooves on the bottom of the pans (To distribute the heat) will scratch glass/ceramic cook tops.

Other than that, the resounding positive reviews are enough to convince me. In for one.

Yeah but the birds are usually dead before I put them in the pot…

Not only that, but nestling the small fry pan into the large one, as depicted in the photo, is a bad idea. Tsk tsk.