T-Fal 18-Piece Non-stick Cookware Set

nesting as in storing? how come? just scratches it up?

The key aspect about non-stick cookware is to use wood or plastic utensils, and NEVER EVER use them on high heat. Keep that in mind, and they’ll serve you fine.

Mind you, there are pros and cons to all types of cookware; they all have their place, so.

Terrible cheap Chinese made pans. Great for a student on a budget or a seasonal camper, but if you are looking for a new set to cook in every day, don’t expect these to last more than a year.

I display these cheap sets in my store all the time. These hardly last a year on the display shelf.

I’ve seen these more than once come out of the box bent, not the handles - the pots are warped to the extent that the lids won’t fit properly on them.

I buy individual pans and use them for camping in the woods. They last me about 1 summer.

Yep, but hey, it’s disposable cookware begging to be abused.

Oh, you didn’t. I can’t believe you said that.

I’ve had mine warp as well, the square griddle got it the worst with a really bad twist to it.

I got the 10” square griddle off amazon a few months back and saw that a lot of reviewers said this pan warped. I also saw while figuring out what to buy that every other frying pan reviewed was said to warp.

I have used my pan a dozen times or more and it’s still as flat as when I got it. I have to wonder if people don’t know that there is little need to use high heat, really I only use high heat if I’m boiling a pot of water. I really feel that if you don’t abuse these they should last for a long time.

I have had T-Fal for years but cannot recommend it. Even with exclusive use of silicone utensils, the coating wears off. Mine has not flaked, but it is actually worn off. And it sticks, no matter how much oil you use. And it does warp, so the lids don’t fit, and it does not sit flat. I still use them for boiling eggs or pasta, but that’s about it.

I have had a set of Todd English hard anodized cookware for over 2 years and have had none of these problems.

Bravo, sir, you have won the internet.

Pancakes require high heat… and a griddle.

I cook birds often. I also cook fish and mammals.

go stainless steel.

If only the set included a square lid … then, I could make the best grilled cheese EVER!

Care of non-stick cookware:

  1. Do not use metal utensils. I mean it. No stirring with spoons or turning with forks. Get a silicone whisk. Seems like a no-brainer and people know, but they still do it. Use silicone or wood. Or plastic if you must, but those melt.

  2. Every couple of uses, take a tablespoon or two of cooking oil and wipe it around the cooking surfaces with a paper towel before you put it away. This keeps the non-stick surface seasoned and will help prevent peeling.

  3. Do not stack them. Or if you must, put cushioning in between. Something more than a paper towel, but even that’s better than nothing. Get a couple of those cheap mouse pads at the dollar store. Done.

  4. Do not put it on your burner on high. Use medium heat or less.

  5. Let cookware cool before washing. This contributes to warping.

  6. Speaking of washing, do it by hand. No harsh dishwasher detergents and high temps.

  7. No non-stick spray. The parts of the pan where it doesn’t burn off will get gunky over time. If you must use a spray, find one without soy lecithin, use one with flour in it, or just use a spray oil. Or if you followed tip #2, you might find you don’t need it.

Looks like good price. Eventually, this non stick surface starts to peel for me… but pretty darn handy until it does.

I am sorry to disagree. I keep one piece of a Calphalon set to remind myself never to buy it again. The stuff is a joke. Even things that didn’t normally stick stuck to it. I just looked at it and the ‘stuck’ stain is still there.

I own an entire set of these and can confirm that the handles are plastic. All of my pans have handles that are wobbly and loose after a year of use. There’s a bolt you can attempt to adjust to tighten them again – but they get loose again pretty quickly. For the price it’s still a good deal though.

I got this exact set on Black Friday two years ago. Much cheaper then, but you can’t really compare to Black Friday pricing.

I can’t say they get heavy use (maybe 3-4 times per week for two years), but no warping or Teflon peeling. In fact, I love how easy they clean inside and out.

As a regular consumer of cheap cookware, I highly recommend.

The price is good for what it is. But if you are serious about cooking, get stainless. You can get a 10 piece Cuisinart Stainless for around $120, that would last you a lifetime.

For those who got these warped, you should have read the manual: No High Heat. Not only would it warp, it would degrade the non-stick very quickly by creating stress in the layer. Yes, the fume is not good for birds, but then again: No High Heat. And please don’t use hard utensils.

And for those who made racist comments about “cheap Chinese crap”, please remember that all Apple and Android products are made in China. It has nothing to do with where it’s made; it’s just made to a specific price point. If you want to be cheap, don’t complain.

I had the T-Fal griddle it was just a medium quality pan.
The warpage started within a couple of months and by a year, it was un-usable.
I’m going to pass