T-fal ActiBread Bread Maker

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I really want this but I know nothing about bread machines and whether or not this is a good one. I see that it is gluten free but, and this may seem silly, can you make non gluten free bread as well in it? I didn’t know that you needed a special machine to make GF bread. I’ve been thinking about trying to reduce our gluten intake but don’t want to commit to a machine that only makes GF bread. I’d love to know if it can do regular bread as well. Thanks.

Don’t know whether it’s a good one - I’m looking at it, but don’t know yet. However, it does list Rapid Wheat and Whole Wheat among its programs, so yeah, it can make standard bread as well.

I am guessing here…but this model says that it has 15 different programs and I am also guessing that one of the programs is a program that makes gluten-free breads. Maybe even more than one of the programs.

Since this is made by T-fal I would also guess that it is a good machine for the price. In my experience, T-Fal is a good brand, not necessarily a great brand, but it would certainly be worth the price.

I’m looking for a bread machine, but will have to pass on this one because my credit card was compromised during a recent trip and my credit union cancelled it and I’m still awaiting a replacement. :wink:

1-hour keep warm function.
15-hour delayed program start timer.
15 automatic programs for making various kinds of bread.
3 gluten-free programs: gluten-free salty bread, gluten-free sweet bread and gluten-free cake.
3 whole-wheat programs: rapid wholewheat bread, wholewheat bread, salt-free bread.
4 bread programs: super rapid bread, rapid sweet bread, basic bread and sweet bread.
5 other programs: cooking only, dough, cake, jam and pasta.
3 loaf sizes: 1 pound, 1.5-pound or 2-pound bread loaves.
3 crust color settings: light, medium or dark.
The lid has a viewing window for checking the baking chamber and the bread.
It has a brushed stainless steel body with black plastic top, lid and bottom.
LCD display shows the loaf size, menu program number, timer and crust color selections.
The T-fal PF311 has these dimensions: 16.1 x 12.5 x 14 inches and it weighs 13.2 pounds.
The bread pan has a nonstick coating.
This T-fal breadmaker is built for use in Canada and the United States (120-volt, 60Hz, AC power outlets).

GF is just a cycle, as there isn’t much for the yeast to work on. Frankly, unless you doctor GF stuff up a lot, star learning to like flatbread or go buy Udi’s already made.

Does ‘Cooking Only’ mean you can use this as a slow cooker?

I upgraded to this Cuisinart bread maker at a previous wooting, because it allows you to remove the paddle before the bake cycle.

On this ActiBread model, the paddle can not be removed until the bread is done, and it leaves a pretty big hole.

I know nothing about bread making. I only do simple cooking…the less the preparation, the better…the microwave is my friend…along with my nu wave oven and pressure cooker. My question is, as a novice, how difficult and how time consuming is it to make the bread dough that goes into the machine?..I assume that the machine takes over, and its more or less automatic, after that.

As with any baking project, measurement is very important, but it is very easy. Measure the ingredients and put them into the machine in the order they are given in the instructions, close the lid and turn it on. It mixes, kneads, allows the bread to rise and bakes it.

It’s not as good as making bread yourself by hand, but almost always better than the stuff in the grocery store.

If you need more hand holding, look for “Bread Machine Magic” a great book on using bread machines which should still be available on Amazon.

I bought this last month for $10 more and am happy with my purchase. I’ve made several loaves of French bread so far. It’s really nice to be able to add the ingredients the night before and wake up to fresh baked bread. The house smells amazing. The instructions are pretty straight forward. I’m not sure I’ll ever use it for gluten free bread but it performs several other functions.

I don’t even use a pressure cooker, it’s all microwave and toaster oven for me.

But I bake a nice bread once a week, or rather, I measure the ingredients into the bread maker, turn it on, and 3 hours 35 minutes later it’s done.

So, would you recommend this one? —reasons?

No. I believe that means that you do all the work on the dough and plop it in for cooking.

I have the same cuisinart… hearing the six beeps to take out the paddle makes a huge difference in ease of removing bread when completed as well. no big hole and it slips right out. this goal if you can’t remove paddle would be an inconvenience yes, but not a deal breaker. you can’t miss what u don’t have

I know nothing about this model or brand, other than that it doesn’t tell you when to remove the paddle (see my other post on that.)

I just replied to your comment to make sure you understand how little work is involved in using a bread maker.

I just downloaded and read the user’s manual. I’m a little intimidated. Looks like measuring out the amount of each ingredient is very critical, and the procedure is not that simple. I was ready to order, now I’m not so sure.

That’s the same with any bread maker. The ratio of flour, water, yeast have to be right.

I’m no great cook in the kitchen but I was able to make good bread in my breadmaker years ago.