T-fal Nonstick Cookware Sets - 2 Styles

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T-fal Nonstick Cookware Sets - 2 Styles
Price: $54.99 - 64.99
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Time to learn all about T-fal

4 Stars on the 12 pc. set over at Home Depot

I have this set and absolutely LOVE it!!! Nothing sticks, cleans up easily. But one has to wonder, it is a non-stick pan then how does the non-stick coating stick? Lol.

P.S. No problems using metal utensils. Love that!!

Best set I have owned and I love to cook.

HOLY Harry Harrison!!! Did anyone get the reference in the title page to one of the Greatest criminals in all of future HistorY?? The One …the Only…the Infamous Lady Killer and thief Extraordinaire… THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT? Your loss. Look it up.

Lately I’m all about cooking in cast iron

Wal-mart sell a 18 piece version from “Mainstays” that is only 39.97 with 4/5 stars.

Can’t use cast iron on ceramic top stoves.

Wal-Mart sells a 14 piece T-fal set for 59.99 in multiple colors.

That wa was a hella great catch! Loved the stainless steel rat books…

Except (1) all things aren’t equal (2) this is a nicer set (3) after seeing People Of Walmart I certainly wouldn’t trust reviews on their site, reviews are subjective to the reviewer, (4) I don’t have to go into a Walmart to get this set.

Does anyone know what the difference is between the initiatives and signature line? Other than the thermal dot that is…

I got this set about 1year ago as a gift. The handles come loose from the expansion and contraction of the heating cycles. It’s very irritating.

Otherwise the pans work ok. Just this loose handle issue… Googled it, lots of folks with the same issue.

Amen to all of the above and I’ll be damned if I’m supporting Wal-Mart’s business practices.

I agree with Jeylux above. I’ve had the red set for over a year now and the handles come loose all the time. I have also had other t-fal sets that run into the same issue. Other than that they are fine.

One is ceramic and the other is not. They list ‘harmful’ things not in the ceramic, implying it is safer. I can’t find reports confirming that to be so. Also, no induction heating on the ceramic. Again, not sure of that impact. Can anyone else clarify?

The “cure” for handles which loosen on pots and pans is really simple. Tighten the screws while the pans are real hot. Most folks tighten them while the pan is cool as it is easier. After all, it is possible to burn your hands tightening up screws on a hot pan. However, with care it can easily be done on a hot pan. When the pan cools, the screws simply get tighter and when it heats up again the screws are as tight as you left them. Eventually they may get loose again, but it will happen much less often. If you need “perfection,” Locktite Red is a permanent threadlocker (used by engine rebuilders and such). Remove the screws and add some Locktite. Just never break the handle as you will never get the screw out :slight_smile:

The ceramic set doesn’t say non-stick exterior. Non-stick exterior is nice to have.

When did they change the shipping charges? I went to check out and the shipping to 1 address was $15.00 instead of the advertised $5.00.
“$5 Ships Your Entire Order Learn more”
Ever since Amazon bought out woot it been one sorry change after another.