T-Fal Oil Filtration EZ Clean Immersion Deep Fryer

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T-Fal Oil Filtration EZ Clean Immersion Deep Fryer
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Looks suspiciously like a cornballer. Count me out.

Can someone please explain to me how some “wooters” have between 2505 and 5075 (FIVE THOUSAND!) quality posts, seem to appear on almost every woot category page, and seem to give primarily positive feedback are not considered shills for the website?

I would GUESS that MOST wooters have less than 100 quality posts on average.


A person engaged in covert advertising. The shill attempts to spread buzz by personally endorsing the product in public forums with the pretense of sincerity, when in fact he is being paid for his services.

I mean, I’m just asking??

Owned one of these a few years back. The oil-management gimmick is very handy, but keep in mind that you normally can’t reuse oil very much before it a) picks up the flavors of the things you fry in it, and b) starts to go off. Plan to go through rather a lot of oil if you use it with any regularity.

Also: “family capacity” is a bit of a stretch (or you have a small family, or you don’t eat very much). When we did e.g. tempura, we’d typically all hang around the kitchen, grabbing a few pieces as each batch finished – it would typically take at least one whole batch per person if you didn’t want to crowd the basket. Still, frying is very fast once it comes to temp. Also, having everything that touches oil dishwasher-safe was an awesome feature.

Wootstalker is a bot programmed to track sales. He never buys anything so how he got quality posts is anybody’s guess. The other three main daily sales posters, woncoolone, lichme and conan the librarian usually point to previous sales or reviews posted elsewhere. Not all those reviews are flattering. But because they help shed some light on purchaser experience the Woot Mods usually give them a point. Why do they post day after day? :::shrug::: everybody needs a hobby I guess.

It’s a fair question, and I could be lying to you right now but those guys are real people who are wooters like us. Well, not really like us because they post all that shit for points. I don’t think they get to cash them in for anything…Or do they?

Oh! I almost forgot! One of them I think got a pallet of zipties one time…it was for winning a bag of crap but still. A whole PALLET of zipties!

Will this work with a Mac (-n-cheese)?

I’ve “known” them for awhile. I’d take 100-1 odds to bet that they aren’t on the woot payroll, and I’m a cynical person who thinks most of what woot does these days is crap.

If you want a shitload of quality posts just do what they do- post something helpful as close to the product changeover time as possible.

same thing at walmart for 79.00 flat. Come on Woot, you are better then that!

That Walmart unit is about half the size, 1.8l vs 3.5l…

Yeah, my understanding was you flounced, panthiest.

No commenter is paid by Woot unless like with me you see it’s a staff account. They just like collecting points that mean nothing by posting links to external sites/helpful Woot pages that have nothing to do with them either.

We have one of these. I love it. The filtration is awesome, and while it is true, you cannot reuse the oil for something different, but you can use it for the same thing (like chicken wings). I do have three MINOR complaints though. The power cord is SUPER short (I know it’s a safety issue), and the numbers of the temperature have come off over the years, so we just turn the dial all the way up. The last thing is the little red light is very dim and it’s hard to tell if it’s on or off. BUT, in terms of functionality, we use it all the time! Fried chicken, chicken wings, fried fish, soft shell crab, all sorts of things that come out DELICIOUS!


Clearly you’ve never been cornballed.

If by “positive feedback” you mean manufacturer facts and links, then yes, they provide positive feedback.

No one gets quality points by buying anything; you get quality points by posting in forms and in turn the illuminati give them QPs.

It just so happens that illuminati look out for their own, and they like to see a wooter helping really helpfully. Which definitely beats asking questions unrelated to the item, for slackjawed users like me who are just looking for information about the item.

I ordered this in July and unfortunately the oil will not drain out and filter as described - otherwise it works great…