T-Fal OptiGrill - 4 Colors

We’ve had our T-Fal OptiGrill for several months (purchased off Woot, I believe the most recent time they were available?).

Very satisfied, operates as billed, and cooks steaks so damn perfectly that we have not fired up our outdoor gas grille one single time this season. Good value, and great machine. Removable grille plates are super easy to pull out, scrub or squirt or wipe heavy residue off, then toss in dishwasher. And the non-stick teflon coating is as effective as anything we’ve used.

About the only shortcoming is no scraper type spatula thingy included (ie, the plastic scraper typically included with the George Foreman units that has a molded profile contoured to precisely match the grooves of the grill plates); however, that hasn’t really been a deal-breaker because the teflon works so well that not having such an implement hasn’t proved troublesome.

One bit of advice: every time we remove the grill plates, we allow the unit to cool and then use a healthy dose of spray organic orange cleaner with a cleaning rag to clean up any grease & cooking residue from the perimeter of both the upper and lower halves, along the outside exposed edges… if not attended to scrupulously, sometimes a bit of gunk can accumulate which would eventually accrete… we’re persnickity about cleanliness so we make sure to do this, and also swab the entire area in and behind the hinge, only takes a few seconds to keep everything sparkly and shiny and clean.

Great purchase, would definitely purchase again without hesitation. Get yourself a good cut of top sirloin steak (not too thick), pat down with a savory rub, let the meat adjust to ambient temp, then throw the steaks on the OptiGrill and I wager that you’ll be soon be sampling as moist and deeelish a morsel as you’ve enjoyed in a while. Took us about 3 or 4 times of experimenting with the timing (now I simply unplug the unit soon as the “Rare” indicator beeps), so damn easy, and the meat is so darn tasty.

Bon appetit !