T-Fal OptiGrill - 4 Colors

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T-Fal OptiGrill - 4 Colors
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Anyone know what the higher up models have that this one doesn’t - I just tried to search for the differences such as the “Plus” model is waaaay more expensive but the Plus and others have the same description or nomenclature (no difference is noted or descripted) - what do the other models have that his one doesn’t please?


Please someone that knows anything about these grills please reply. I really want one of these but as with many other thingies in the past I often buy something inappropriate or something that does not do all that I want. This model may be the one that works for me fine but just want to be sure - please help as I don’t want to miss this sale if it is the one for me. Thanks!!!

I have this model and I like it a lot. the ability to cook frozen or fresh makes a huge difference. Cleanup is a breeze and everything I have cooked has come out perfect.

This grill is outstanding… I saw it on a late night infomercial, looked up the reviews on Amazon and made the purchase the next day. I absolutely love it. I’ve stopped using my outdoor grill altogether. I buy better quality steaks now because I know I’ll never mess them up. The ONLY catch I’ve run into is that you have to be careful not to put things of different thicknesses on together. Other than that, it’s flawless everytime. My favorite is breaded pork chops but everything comes out great. Reheated food that was originally grilled on here stays juicy too. It’s an absolute kitchen essential for me.

Thanks fiskers and Kurto - comments greatly appreciated - I am 98% sure I am going to pull the trigger. Still a little curious what the other models have that this one doesn’t have - just don’t want to be upset with self if I buy this one and another model has something that I could not live without (this has happened more than a few times to me). I am going to wait for a while and see if someone who has the delux model chimes in. This grill sounds/ reads FANTASTIC! Thanks again for the replies folks !!!

The only differences I can tell is that the plus is larger (14.5 x 15.7 x 9.01 in vs 13 x 14 x 6 in) and some models use different materials for the plates (Teflon vs Ceramic). All the features seem to be the same between models though. I’m buying the woot one because I like ceramic over Teflon.

These grills are great. Select the meat you are cooking, preheat the grill, and put the meat on. Take it off when the light shows the doneness you want. It works perfectly.

Great machine. Follow the instructions.

Someone was raving about this at some point and figured hey why not. I love cooking pork, chicken and steak all year round, but a nasty winter usually leaves me filling the whole home with smoke in the winter time.

Hopefully no more, I will post a full review next time it’s offered for sale because I already have a week planned of different foods to throw on it.

Go here, scroll down and you will see a comparison between the two.




I am a little late with this but I have a family of 5. My only complaint is the size as most of the time I have to cook two to three batches of what I am making.

I’d stop short of saying it replaces the outdoor grill as the flavor is not the same. It is so much more convenient that I use it more than the outdoor grill but it’s a better burger/steak on the grill.