T-fal OptiGrill Indoor Grill

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T-fal OptiGrill Indoor Grill
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New


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I have this in black and its a fantastic… starts beeping as it cooks between the steaks temperatures … and leaves them juicy not dry also leaves chicken juicy… I love it

It’s good, I got mine in 2016 from Woot. It needed to be recalibrated a number of times, so have the instruction sheet handy.

Does this come with recipe books? Wally world has the same model in black for the same price, free shipping and includes some recipe books.

1500 watts is powerful; great power density. But that means it will draw 12.5 amps when running at full power. Best to not run on a busy circuit.

Picking one of these up for a Christmas present. We’ve had one for about 2 years, not one issue. From pork chops to burgers to steak to fish to bratwurst, everything comes out perfect!

Great when it works as described but the constant need for reprogramming makes me wish I had not purchased it. T-Fal knew about this defect. They should have replaced it but only gave reprogramming I structions. At the least they could have sent me a 1 1/2”/spacer that is needed for reprogramming. The unit does not work at all until I reprogram it, not even in manual mode. I am seriously thinking about throwing it away.

Just FYI, it seems that T-fal has two similar models according to amazon, the GC704, which has Ceramic grills, and the GC702, which are “PFOA free” Non Stick grills. There is also an “XL” version. Not making any comments, good or bad, just letting everyone know the different Amazon options.

AND, it gets more confusing!

Looking at the TFal website, I do not see any mention of a GC702 or a GC704.

The T-Fal usa website lists three grills:
“T-FAL OptiGrilll +” GC712D54
“T-FAL OPTIGRILL” (no model # listed)
“T-fal OptiGrill + XL” GC722D53

Again, not making any negative or positive comments, just listing what I found, as I was thinking of buying one. I am still researching, but I am leaning toward the ceramic grill version.

Oh, and as posted on woot, this grill is:
T-fal 7211001330 OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Grill

Purchased mine for the same price when Woot had it for sale last year. Absolutely love this electric grill with the different cooking settings and best of all, the color indicator tells you exactly when food is ready at your liking without any guesswork. The plates come off that make for easy cleaning as well. Great buy.

Am I being naive here?

This looks like a George Foreman grill with temp controls. That sees to be the only difference.

I bought by Foreman indoor grill for $24.99. Are temperature controls worth an additional $45?

Opt for Breville instead.

The one that Woot is selling for 70 dollars more? That’s quite a jump in price.

Don’t do it. I was hasty and threw mine out and now I’m regretting it. It worked great until it didn’t and I didn’t try to solve the problem and just bought a George Foreman that I’m thinking of throwing out.

Is it easier to clean, or about the same to clean as a George Foreman?

I had a Foreman, but quit using it because the cleanup was difficult.

We love ours. It’s worked perfectly since a previous woot a year or two ago. Never had to recalibrate it, cleaning is easy, just let it cool, remove the two panels, and then wipe off with non-stick safe scrubbers and the food comes off. The ceramic is so slippery that sometimes it’s hard to even put food on the grill and close the lid before it slides off. You need three hands sometimes! It removes the headache of having to measure temperature of fish, chicken, steak, burgers, sausages, etc. We’ve even cooked asparagus on it.
EDIT: This one seems to not be ceramic but I doubt that it performs much differently.

I was thinking the same thing. marketing makes higher watt numbers seem like a reason for buying, however, your breaker box doesn’t agree.

Walmart has this grill at the same price, but it has ceramic cooking surfaces instead of “non-stick” – does anyone know if there is an advantage of one over the other? The Walmart offer also includes some recipe books.

loved mine for years. then it died.

Is there any way to know whether this is ceramic-coated, or some other non-stick coating?

Especially because it will be heated to such a high temperature, a non-stick coating will out-gas and kill my birds in a big hurry.

We have ceramic pans and I consider those bird-safe, but we’ve long since given away other non-stick pans.