T-Fal Pro Grade Titanium 12-PC Nonstick Cookware Set

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T-Fal Pro Grade Titanium 12-PC Nonstick Cookware Set
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are these teflon free?

Any word on these at all?

Does “Induction Compatible” mean that they will work on induction ranges (ie.: will they get hot)?

Nope. Totally Teflon.

I have had the big pan and the next smallest for years. They are great. Use just plastic/wood utensils on them and they will last for years of daily use. They Teflon however, does wear out but years of use.


These look like the same and have decent reviews at Kohls


Is this good or bad?

Can someone provide more detailed info about items in this set?

Which T-Fal Items they correspond?

NOT for use around pet birds. Look it up. Off-gassing at accidental high temps will kill them. Kinda creepy, don’t you think? That’s why I switched to cast-iron and never ever regretted it.

I don’t have this line of T Fal cookware. But I have a different line of T Fal Professional non- stick cookware. The only difference is this line is Titanium, and the one I have is Aluminum. The exact same coating. Yes, it is teflon but it has outlasted every other teflon pans I’ve had. It’s the best non stick I’ve ever had. Love it.

Do the handles get hot?

I have a similar set with silicone handles and it has been great. But… my wife didn’t want to hand wash them and started using metal utensils, against my advice. They are now showing nicks and scratches in the inside finish. I’ve tried to point it out and explain, but what do I know.
Easy to hand wash because nothing sticks.
Hand wash and avoid metal utensils and these should last a long, long time.

As long as you keep the temps BELOW 400 deg F, you are fine. The red dot in the pan is temp sensitive. When it turns dark it’s time to oil and cook. Just remember to follow the “seasoning” instructions.

But…but…for $95 at Amazon, I can get the similar version without the Teflon that is metal utensil friendly. Just how good a deal is this?

Same here. I still have my T-Fal ‘Ingenio’ (with the removable handles) set I bought 20 years ago. The Teflon coating is still in great shape after all that time.

I have the large pan and will say it is great, but I much prefer to use my kitchenaid set for most of the cooking that does not particularly need nonstick. These do have a good weight to them and the handle does not get hot easily, but I do use electric sadly, so I can’t vow that they won’t get hot with gas.

Any nonstick pan that claims it’s metal utensil friendly is 100% bullshit.

I tried the non-Teflon pans and over time the non stick wears down and becomes stick. Teflon is basically non-stick for life. It won’t hurt you but is toxic to parrots.