T-Fal Pro Grade Titanium 12-PC Nonstick Cookware Set

I have these and I like them, just saying.

The ad says Titanium and also stainless steel - which is it? Other places for sale say anodized aluminum. Can we think of any other claims we could make? Does anybody know what they are really made out of? Perhaps paper?

It says “titanium non-stick interior” and “stainless steel construction.” Also “induction compatible.” By inference, the outside is stainless, the inside is titanium; the steel lets the induction work. I don’t recall either being especially good at heat conduction to get nice even temperatures, as you do with copper and cast iron. But should be low maintenance.

I own this set which is excellent quality. Very good even consistent heat distribution. I use them on my Electric coil type stove. Don’t use a masher (potato or ground meat) in these and expect them to last. Easy to clean on all types of cooking even sticky type sauces/gravies/oats. Last a long time.

Not a good deal for Woot. I can get the same base pots and cookware without the spatulas for $81 and free shipping on Amazon:


If it says non-stick it mostly has PTFE (teflon type non stick) NO THANKS

So I owned the frying pan of this set a couple years ago…bought based on positive reviews in Amazon. I cook on a flat top glass surface so perfectly flat is vital…and did not last long with this pan. I ended up tossing after a couple years and carefully trying to flatten out the bottom time after time. I am now a convert to the heavy Lodge cast iron cookware…simply the best there is as long as you follow a few simple rules…keep it seasoned, etc…

The ones in your link have different handles than this set offered here.

Not the same product. Different handles.