T-fal Ultimate Stainless Cookware Set - 2 Styles

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T-fal Ultimate Stainless Cookware Set - 2 Styles
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Anyone have experience with these T-Fal pans? Looking to ditch my Teflon coated nonstick set after all the concern about the possible dangers posed by the leaching of the chemicals from the coating…

If these are like the set I have they’re comparable to Emerilware or Wolfgang Pucks set carried on one of those tv shopping channels. Sturdy, well made and will last forever! The copper bottoms help with even heating. Just remember hot pan and Cold food and Do invest in potholders though! I’m in for a set for my little sister! Good luck!

Teflon coated cookware has some disadvantages (like longevity) but the chemical leeching is an unfounded concern. PTFE is one of the most inert substances there is and it doesn’t absorb anything. I use it at work when I need to be sure a part won’t react with nasty chemicals that corrode or pass through most other things.

When cooking there are some specific tasks I use a PTFE non-stick pan for, like eggs, pancakes, and tortillas, but I’d rather use cast iron or stainless for most tasks.

Stainless doesn’t allow you to just throw anything in the pan without sticking, but it’s not a problem with proper technique (like waiting for foods to release before trying to move them).

The advantage is that some stuff remains in the pan, which helps with pan sauces. You can also use higher temperatures, toss the pan under the broiler, and so on. Non-stick pans aren’t as flexible.

If you want to keep the pans pretty and shiny, Barkeeper’s friend is great. I personally prefer my pans to look used.

Anyone know if these have a disc bottom or if they’re the thin copper plated bottoms like Revereware?

On Amazon it shows a disc like surface sandwiched between the stainless steel.


Im in for a 10 piece. Had the 13 in my cart, went to bed, sold out in morning :frowning: