T is for Tablet

The Nexus 7 (Gen 1) has been notorious for having speaker problems. Almost half of them have broken speakers right out of the box. For once, I almost wish you were only offering the refurbished option because those would have probably been factory fixed. If I buy a Nexus 7 and the speakers don’t work, can I send it back and get a full refund?

wish it was free

I’m really debating getting one of these for chromecast / plex usage… but the above comment scared me. Is it even worth it to roll the dice for thise vs a new gen2 model ?

Purchased a nexus 7 a month or so ago from here for 149.99 and it’s been good to me thus far.

Have had 3 Nexus 7’s. 2 2012 models and a new one. One of the 2012 models died, just quit.

The other 2 are still going fine and both models have good specs.

One thing though, unless it’s an LTE 2013 version, it’s not 349 retail.
JC Penny wants their sales ideas back.

I have 2 of these (Nexus 7), one of the very first batch (a 16GB Wi-Fi only) and a 32GB one with 4G.

Both have been no trouble at all, and I prefer them over my Asus TF-700, mainly because the size of these is handier, but also these are just more responsive (IMO) pure Android.

FYI: these will update to 4.4.2 (at least mine have).

You sure your 2012 one completely quit? My mom has a 2012 one and if you let the battery die, there is a bit of a process to get it back on sometimes (kinda a pain, but this same problem still exists in the 2nd gen model too, just not as bad). Essentially, charge it for a few hours, then hold the power button and both volume buttons down together for 30 seconds, repeat about 10 or so times, let it charge for another hour or so and repeat until it loads the boot menu, then you should be able to navigate from there.

I have a 2nd gen and love it. Compared to my mom’s 1st gen, I’d say the 2nd gen is worth the higher amount if you plan on using it a lot. Mine is definitely faster when switching around from app to app and user to user. I play lots of games on mine as well and expect a lot from it.

Just got a new 32gig LTE version from Verizon for $50 with adding it to my contract. Luckily, we got a 2 year discount for adding it that actually covers the cost of adding it, so basically we paid $50 out of pocket for a tablet we can connect almost anywhere for 2 years, that’s actually pretty nice so far. I assume that promotion is over by now, but it may be worth calling your local Verizon if you’re already a customer or planning to switch anyways.

I’m not in love with the battery life, but I tend to play a lot of games that require heavy data usage and lots of graphics, so that’s not really a surprise. The size is fantastic. Big enough to watch Netflix and such well, and small enough to hold in my pint sized hand when reading an e-book in portrait. I’ve only had the tablet for a week or two, but I’ve been using it pretty heavily and I really love it.

Hisense Sero 7 LT E270BSA

Same price at Newegg, but with free shipping.

Yeah, only thing I haven’t tried is a new battery. It died while almost fully charged, while in use. Went through all the different steps troubleshooting, including taking it apart to check the battery connection, but it doesn’t respond in any way at all.

My 2013 has locked up a couple of times, but I had been able to get working each time.
It’s still one of the best values for a tablet.

Hey Woot, Newegg offers a much better deal with a mail in rebate… $109.99 after rebate!


The NewEgg link is to a refurbished Nexus. The Woot model is new. $119 new vs $109 refurb.

I just ordered that one on Newegg: $99 on “Shellshocker” (after $50 MIR)for the 32GB 2012. I also like the idea of Refurb. At least this way someone actually tries the thing out. I’ve never been burned by a 'furb. Am Excited to get this. Just gave up my HTC phone for an iPhone 5, this gets me back to Android, and at Kit-Kat no less!

So where’s the best deal on a Gen2? I’d like to get the Qi wireless charging feature.

I’ve had my Gen 1 N7 since the day they became available - haven’t had a single problem with it - I love it and use it daily still!

then again I know how to take care of my electronics…

there was an episode of ncis where abby was able to find the password to a locked phone using the leftover skin oil.

that 109 is after a $50 rebate in the form of a prepaid card only good at newegg, so really the deal is still better at woot.

Nexus 7 32gb - not a deal. Same price at Staples once you factor in Woot’s shipping.

That said, we have two of these which we were lucky enough to get for $99 each (when Staples price matched the clearance sale at Gamestop) before the holidays. They are great. No problems at all with them.

I recently bought the Hisense Sero 7 LT for my 6yr old. I already own a Gen II Nexus 7…and to be honest…I can barely tell the difference. I know the resolution snobs will beg to differ. The Hisense for $59 is a much better deal considering everything both offer. It even has native HDMI out…with the Nexus…you have to buy an adapter to connect to your TV. I was also impressed with how solid it seems compared to the other tablets in it’s price range! If I had $119 to spend…I’d buy 2 Hisense tablets all day long. I paid $54.99 w/free shipping for mine though…back when 1sale had it. It came as a refurb directly from Hisense in immaculate condition.