Unfortunately for both combatants, the next challenger was a meteor.

Yar, Congrats. Must have been a heck of a fight.


I sense there will be rejoicing. Nicely, thumpingly active.

Robbie knocks it out of the ring again with a sure winner!

Congrats, Robbie!

great , but square.

nice. but come’on. a tri beating a rex?!?!?!? BULL!!!

Aww yeah, this Tricera is the tops!

I have a big head and tiny arms! I don’t think this plan was well thought out!

I thought Triceratops was a vegetarian. We all know vegetarians are too weak and feeble to survive the onslaught of TY-REX and his wrecking crew!!! SATURDAY SATURDAY ** SATURDAY ** AT THE MGM GRAND!!

I hope this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of another dinosaur themed shirt for EC!!! Hint hint… wink wink… “Flight” hello!!

It seems like the tyrannosaur is at a bit of a disadvantage with his stubby arms.

the T-Rex didn’t stand a chance with such puny arms :frowning:

That’s what the sucka gets for biting that Triceratops’ ear off! OH SNAP! Or would that be, OH THWUNK!

Awesome, I was ready to eat some serious antelope if this didn’t print. Congrats, Robbie!!

Cool design. Reminds me of PBF.

A black shirt with dinosaurs? Double Fail

In the next match, the triceratops was effectively TKO’d in the first round by scientists, who claimed it doesn’t really exist.

“I wanted to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex more than anything in the world, I made my arms short and I roamed the back yard”

In for one!

You can’t go wrong with dinosaurs.