T-List 2013: Shirt of the Year

Cake is a liar Hoodie!

Congrats Fablefire!!

Hahahaha, yeah, that story, 'tis indeed about how it happened. Woot says “WE WANT FOX SHIRT FOR THIS!” and Fable cranks it out within a few days, chatting with me during it.

You know, I was kinda against the grid approach, but in the end, it worked really well for the Woot audience. They do like their grids around here. :smiley:

(I still would have put the bird and mouse on the same grid panel and given the foxes their own line. But I like things neat and orderly! Hah.)

Congrats on SOTY 2013 Fablefire!

my wallet…the past two days…is soooooooo empty…Cake hoodie…Binge hoodie…Binge tote…ah!!!


Thank you! :smiley:

Someone remind me how closely the zip hoodie fits - true to size, large, etc.

21 weeks and 1 day in the top spot in the reckoning, and multiple weeks of most first-time buyers, and other factoids that Tobias should’ve been keeping track of - congrats, Fable!

The ones noted as just zip hoodie (50/50, made in Honduras) are medium weight fleece and are looser; I size down with these. The jersey zip up hoodie are a lightweight knit (60/40, made in Pakistan), and run smaller. As there are multiple suppliers for the blanks, PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING CHARTS!

My goodness, that song is terrible.

I’m glad I finally get why the shirt was made, though. Always wondered.

anyon know why it says Nevermore remix? The remix part is what they call them when they changed them in some way right. But the Nevermore remix looks exactly the same as the original. I can’t fathom what’s the difference

I think it’s simply the color blank used. The design itself hasn’t been changed.

… How? With all the shirts, how was THIS the Shirt of the Year?

Because it is the embodiment, or enshirtament, of the best song ever. Over 366,000,000 hits on Youtube!

it says the colour is asphalt, and the normal nevermore is also asphalt. If you look at them side by side they are exactly the same, I actually think if anything the poster is the remix one, that colour is darker.
Here they are side by side and they look the same

As someone who has first run (on AA, but the print faded), second run (still on AA, but printing was more durable), and third run (on the darker Anvil blanks, bolder print but mostly illegible due to the lack of contrast), the remix is indeed because of the shirt blank. They’re on the lighter slate colored shirt blank now.

This Nevermore shirt needs to come in pink.

Ships by Feb.28??? The only tracking number associated with my order that includes “The Cake is a Liar” hoodie is for a journal received Saturday. Where’s my hoodie tracking number? Has it shipped?

Edit: Received a second tracking number today. I’m hoping it’s for the hoodie.

2nd Edit: The second tracking number was for the hoodie. Yay!! I’m still waiting for more tracking for journals not yet received.