T-List Awards 2012



Casual Friday on a poster would be wonderful!


Now there is a Dragon Zip up Hoodie!


I like seeing the sword and the inkwell up again, but I feel like it is a design that begs to be put on poster.

In fact, when was the last time posters were available?


Thanks for the nod, woot! I’m happy to see Cluevetica get a little editorial love.


Got Consider Yourself Warned for my sciency 7yo. He loves it, but it’s really hard to read the color of ‘Consider Yourself Warned’ on the dark shirt.


“Bring home some rando” in August. :slight_smile: Before that… maybe Jukebox Heroes?


It seems by “very best of 2012” you actually meant: “what we have overstock of”.

C’mon, be honest. I doubt that all of these were big sellers.


Since when are those the same thing? Do I really need to give examples of things that are both popular and terrible? Some of us appreciate when woot doesn’t only print the things that sell well.

Also, finally in for a “Friends, Romans…” Too funny to pass up again.


Are these shirts (and Woot Plus shirts in general) digitally printed or screen printed?


Screen printed - it’s the only way they could keep up.

The DTG printer is for back catalog use … and it’s booked solid.


I am so glad “Ninja Blade” is back up on print! Been wanting that shirt since I saw it on “all designs”

Of the winning designs, the “Ninja Blade” is the only one I would wear. The others, I agree as posters: especially “Which Way to Bacon Town?”

Congrats to the winners!


I already have which way to bacon town in both teeshirt and apron format.


I have a Generowl Von Hootte available in MM if anyone is interested… just not quite my style


I wish Von Hoot was available as a Hoodie or something different this time around


Friends, Romans, aedlrjqaewoif
(by ApeLad) would make a great pullover hoodie! Make it so, Woot! Make it so!


I have In Bloom as a short-sleeve tee. I’m trying to decide if I want the long-sleeve version. I thought I did, but then the temps got up into the 70-80 degree range. I want my winter back!


Thanks for the nod, editors! The Sword from the Inkwell went through 3 different reworks before I finally figured it out… definitely the most time-consuming design I did for 2012.

I think it also has the most poster requests out of any shirt design I’ve done, though I imagine they don’t sell all that well compared to shirts. People like to be clothed I guess.


Settler Cat tote is the ultimate gaming tote. Agreed?


Ha, I was only able to buy two longsleeve shirts this year, but now I’m like bring back the tanks!

Also, I can only hope that the In Blooms they print this time actually come out right. I wasn’t the only one during purplepalooza whose In Bloom came out super gloppy. The original run of the shirt turned out great though!