T-List Awards 2013

Woo! Super-happy to get another shot at the “That’s No Moon” hoodie!

How well do the aprons fit plus sized people?

Great choices by the woot staff! Congratulations to all the featured artists!

I’m a curvy 2XL lady and find my Woot aprons have plenty of adjustment capability - the part that goes around your neck is adjustable to make it as high or low as you need, and then there’s plenty of extra on the waist tie for a decent knot. Actually my favorite aprons for that reason, it’s nice to be able to make them just right!

what’s with the new captcha thing when signing in?

Why are the T-List Awards 2013 shirts not available in kid’s sizes?

Please bring back the Night of the Ulric journal. I missed it during the woot-off and would have purchased several. I have the shirt and hoodie. A poster would be nice too. It’s one of my all-time favs!

Thanks! I ordered one, I hope it will fit my hubby, he is the last meat eater in the house had to have that dino carnivore one.

Suspiciously missing is my REAL favorite, Ass.


I wonder … did any kids sizes sell? Though nothing tops the inappropriateness of one beta.shirt.woot design (that I have), it wasn’t offered in kids sizes back then either.

I THINK I remember yes which was surprising. I only threatened to buy it for the children in my life, I’m pleased that someone must have.

Can you be specific? Spot checking a couple of the t-shirts did show kids sizes being available.

What won’t be are the hoodies and WATFS remix.

Speaking of which, PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING CHARTS! There are different suppliers to different product blanks and they don’t all fit the same.

rad stickers!

Thank you for reposting the stickers :slight_smile: I missed them during the woot off by one item. When a silly rule, such as showering, is enforced by the other, then we all suffer.

I’m so, so, so Happy to find the stickers for sale. I was sleeping when they showed up in the shirt-off. I’m not slacking this time and ordering three of the ten pack. For the first lot of stickers I ordered late and got stuck with only three of the five packs. Thank you for making these available.

Love your T-list awards! They are so on-spot!

Put up the Makin’ Biscuits tote again! Pretty please! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to order a design that is in a t-shirt as a hoodie? I love Night of the Ulric but have WAY too many t-shirts for one person. It says it’s made to order as it is.

Sorry, friend. If we were able to have it available as a hoodie or otherwise, it would be in here as such. Keep your eyes peeled for future Plus sales since that’s where most of our hoodies will pop up!