T-Rex Digital Platinum Series 12ft 1080p HDMI Cable

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T-Rex Digital Platinum Series 12ft 1080p HDMI Cable [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping

1 * T-Rex Digital TR-HDMI4M v1.3b 1080p 12’ HDMI Cable

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I got these two Woot-offs ago, as replacements for 6ft cables because they ran out or something. So $1 less for each. Anyway they work really well! Nice and sturdy.

In for 3, bought 1 HDMI cable a few months ago and have been kicking myself for not grabbing 3, buy 3, you won’t regret it.

3.7 stars on Buzzillions. The only other store I’ve found online with it wants $80!


For $5, might as well just get 3 and have some spares. The price on these in stores is ridiculous.

Really good deal considering all the MONSTER jerks selling super high priced HDMI cables claiming they’re superior!

A Mint article was dug recently exploring this groupthink error

Great price for a 12ft 1080p HDMI cable.

In for three. No brainer here.

T-Rex lives here

I thought everyone had to have the $79.99 Monster Cable @ Best Buy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry Woot, I went with Amazon. They had the 15 foot for $2.81…

I still love you though…

I picked up three of the six footers back in december. They are built nice and sturdy and make awesome an awesome last minute gift. Not many people actually know hdmi cables are dirt cheap. These look like the fancy ones and will convince the uneducated that you actually went and spent a lot of money on them >:D

Why didn’t you post this sooner? I need one of these to go with the DVD player I bought 2 days ago from you! (I definitely spent way too much at Best Buy on one… Good thing I haven’t opened it yet)

Is it too late for me to add 2 more onto my order, does anyone know?

My favorite story was about the guy whose friend was showing off his new TV and bragging about the Monster cable he’d spent $330 dollars on (not kidding), without knowing that the first guy had substituted a $6 cable beforehand.

You can try emailing service@woot.com and asking them very nicely. Be sure to include your order number and adjust any spam filtering you have in place. No guarantees they’ll be able to adjust your order though.

One can never have too many HDMI cables on hand. I always seem to run out! In for 3.

Use the support email page, and ask to increase the quantity, it should be no problem

Amazon has the 6 foot cable…for $10 more (and $8 shipping). Let’s do the math…3 twelve foot cables for the price of one 6 foot cable. Done deal.


Worth buying for no other reason than not having to deal with a Best Buy salesperson trying to convince you to get their $99 cable.

As someone who has quite a few HDMI cables, I wouldn’t recommend 12 feet unless you really need it. I thought it wouldn’t matter, but when I went to use it, I realized that the extra cable behind the tv was really annoying.

However, when I hook my computer up the the AV receiver, it is nice to have 12 feet because I can sit on the sofa and still have the tv hooked up. So, just be sure that you actually need that long of a cable.

Yea! I now have a hdmi cable to hook up my laptop to a hdmi monitor. Ok, but now I need an hdmi monitor. Crap! Guess I should have stayed awake a lot more during that last woot-off-day off-woot-off.