T-Rex Digital Platinum Series 12ft 1080p HDMI Cable

Got the 6ft version of these cables from Woot a few months ago. They are better than value cables at a value cable price. While ultra premium cables might not offer better performance, they are usually more durable. These are a great deal.

I rarely ever believe it to be necessary for an increased purchase limit, but I could really use more than three of these. :confused:

Oh well, I got my three from this great deal.

I bought three just because, you never know when you might need an extra HDMI cable.


Not really that great of a deal, found 2x10ft cables for 10$ shipped in a couple of seconds on buy.com


A 12ft Cable is $12.09 shipped from Monoprice.
Good Job this time, Woot.

Now this is a steal! Even if you only buy one, that is less than $1 a foot!

I agree 12’ is a bit on the long side to have it coiled in the back of a TV cabinet. Now I’m hoping for a Pack of Tie-wraps from Woot to keep all that cable organized! In for 3!

I thought I’d give some clarification on the lossless audio codecs, Dolby Digital TrueHD (talk about a cheesy name) and DTS-HD MA.

First of all, TOSLINK and digital audio coaxial connections cannot carry either lossless codec. They will transmit the core lossy codec instead. So if you use a Blu-Ray player and hook up its digital audio outs via either one of those connections you’ll get the lossy original codec.

No DVDs have either lossless codec encoded on them because of space limitations. So your only lossless audio source at this point is going to be a Blu-Ray player or HTPC with a sound card that supports it.

As the Woot writeup says, HDMI 1.3 is the only way to transmit the lossless codecs (in a bitstream) from a source (like your Blu-Ray player) to your receiver or pre/pro digitally. If your receiver doesn’t decode the lossless codecs or it doesn’t have HDMI 1.3, you can’t send the lossless codecs to it digitally.

There is an alternative - many mid- to high-end Blu-Ray players have 7.1 analog audio outs that let you send the decoded (and converted to line level analog) lossless codec to any receiver, pre/pro or amplifier that has surround lines in. However, the cheaper players almost always have inferior DACs (digital to analog converters) compared to good receivers, so the lossy codecs may sound better through your receiver than the lossless ones through your Blu-Ray player. Try both if your home theater allows it.

Oh, and one more thing: The price on this cable handily beats my favorite place to buy inexpensive but good quality cables, Monoprice. If you need one this long, it’s certainly a steal. If you don’t need such a long run, definitely go for a shorter cable to reduce the potential for interference or signal loss.

Also, remember: A digital signal is a digital signal is a digital signal. Because of bit checking and other data loss reduction techniques, a digital signal pretty much either gets sent successfully or has large errors - so boutique cables provide no real measurable benefit over inexpensive ones.

Can always use 3 of these at this price.

Mine still haven’t showed up yet… Somehow FedEx handed the shipment off to the USPS and they said they were delivered on 3/23… to where I don’t know since I never got them… woot has asked me to wait till Friday to see if they somehow resurface. I am hopeful they will reship them so I can someday have them since I paid for them long ago.

Or just go for the 15ft cable at $5 with free shipping!


I love how BestBuy tries to sell you a cable that costs more than whatever you’re hooking it up to.

“Oh, you’re wanting a Sony DVD player with 1080p up-conversion. Let’s see, our best one is $69.95. Now, you’re gonna need one of these Monster HDMI cables. The 6 foot one should be sufficient, and we have it one sale this week for $79.95!”

Just got my 50" Samsung Plasma (under $700.00) and will be needing an HDMI cable when I get the Blu-ray (still on the hunt).

In for 3… at $20 with shipping the worse case is I use them as dog leashes

This is a good price if you need more than one, certainly. In general if you need any kind of cabling at a good price, try monoprice.com. You should never ever buy a cable from a store of any kind, even Wal-bobs, at the prices they charge.

The FedEx to USPS hand off is a SmartPost shipment. It’s the cheapest (and slowest) shipping method available to woot! In my past experience, the tracking information is not always accurate. I have received my packages before the tracking info is updated and vice-versa.

The last item I purchased was the Razer Bluetooth mouse on 3/17. I just received it on 3/29. Give it some time. Smartpost is what makes all our woot! items cheaper.


Definitely in for 3.
$5 each, $5 S&H
You aren’t really going to find that kind of a deal elsewhere for 3 12 ft. cables.

So screw you Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc… for charging ~$40+ dollars for an hdmi cable.

Hmm. “Only” HDMI 1.3b. If you’ll want to look at the new fadgetry of 3d HDTV, you’ll want the new 1.3c certification.