T-Rex Digital Platinum Series 12ft 1080p HDMI Cable

Cool cable, it has Platinum in it! lol

Good price for a 12Ft HDMI cable. Once thing to note is that it is a “HDMI Version 1.3b”. 1.3c version exist but from what I can understand, the difference is not all that big.

I have this exact cable, and it works great. Excellent price.

You’ll probably need HDMI 1.4 if you have a 3D TV!

Good price for this cable.

Oh my

would this work for my xbox to a 720p tv? Would I notice a difference?

Will this T-Rex eat my cat?

ohhh these are 1080p cables thank god they arent those nasty 720p ones

Quite possibly the most disturbing description for this woot-off. TMI

Reminds me of the time that the guys at radio shack tried to charge me 60 dollars for a four foot cable.

Needless to say, the salesman was very offended by the way I acted before I left the store.

And I just bought a 6’ one last night for $7 shipped. :frowning:

now the question is, who would win in a fight. A T-Rex, or a Monster?

these are some pretty good cables. I got two of them last time they where up on woot. Works great with my PS3 and my laptop which does have a HDMI output. I put the laptop on my bed near me and control very thing right there… Great buy.

T-Rex Digital Platinum Series 12ft 1080p HDMI Cable

  • $5 shipping

I think this was the first description that used “void my intestines”. Good price on the cable also!

Hah! Take that, you people who think that an HDMI cable adds $99 worth of value to a DVD player! Hah hahhhhh! Five BUCKS. That’s it! Wooooot!

Good deal…Ebay has only has one for $14.00…

$5? It can’t be quality - I have been told by the TV experts at Best Buy that I must use the $80 Monster HDMI cables in order to get quality. I don’t know if some of the pixels leak with these cheap cables, or it only gives me 59Hz, but I must have my Monster cables!

(tongue in cheek - it is Monoprice for me, but $10 for 1 or $20 for 3 is a good price for what seems to be a decent cable)

This cable uses the highest quality copper in the world. Don’t doubt it, don’t question science, just accept it.