T-Shirt Thank You Bag in White, 900/Case

T-Shirt Thank You Bag in White, 900/Case

At first I thought this was an actual t-shirt, or rather sleeveless shirt that looked like a generic ‘plastic grocery bag’.
Maybe you guys could make one?!

In for 900. Gonna sell these on the black market in a few years for big money.

They already charge 10c for these in Seattle stores. Can make $77 off these!

Honestly bought them for my small bathroom wastebaskets and to take on doggie walks. I currently use bags we get from stores, but if those go away I’ll be hosed. As an added bonus, these ones won’t have rips in them caused by corners of frozen pizza boxes!

Both I and others in my office thought the same thing. Very disappointed that they are just grocery bags that someone calls a t-shirt style.

And my coworker expects someone will be making these t-shirts by the end of the day.

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