T sneak peek and critique derby 11

Okay, from the looks of it the derby forum is extremely volitile. So May I suggest this forum for posting your shirt for comments and suggestions. Sound good? Other EBW’s please help our local artists out by telling them (constructively) on what you like and dislike about their T.


White shirt yes?

Hmm… I don’t know, I was mostly just putting out the basic idea. It would need color and stuff, but is it obvious what is going on? I could put a thought bubble with a ghost family on it.

Sounds nice, count me in.

Have you made one yet?

okay I see, he thinks she is pregnant.

Yes 3, well two designs but the latest one in two different color schemes.

Can we see them?

sure-urban grunge


and urban blues


The first one I did I do not have on this computer, it was for the sound derby.

Mr. Star,
or a thought bubble of a minivan.

do you have some clue about the theme already? or is fen just prepping for the sure-to-be-coming-at-some-point halloween theme?

It was strongly hinted at.
But will the shirt get to us by Halloween? I figured it was going to be this weeks theme.
The shirts I ordered get here fairly fast, but one is still wandering on it way to MA.

Might have to pay the extra $5.



these are some great ideas. Is that supposed to be a candy bucket she’s holding? If so, maybe adding something to define what it is better.

No Halloween this week- Cryptozoology. i.e., Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Unicorn, etc.

dang I love this, wish I had time. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Sucks, huh?

I like it. The colors are a little plain though, in my opinion.