T-Tech by Tumi Travel Accessories - 3 Styles

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T-Tech by Tumi Travel Accessories - 3 Styles
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 23 to Tuesday, Jun 24) + transit
Condition: New


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Really? I bought two of these last week on woot! and they haven’t even been delivered yet and they’re already 33% less?

Oh man, sorry to hear that. Please email your situation and order details to CS at support@woot.com. They can get you taken care of.

Tracking shows “out for delivery” but not yet delivered of two packages…since June 12th. :confused:

Just FYI:
Since Amazon/Woot uses smartpost, which uses USPS for final delivery, stuff often gets stuck at the post office FOREVER. I had an order that Woot shipped and was in my city in less than 2 days from ordering it (awesome). It then sat at my local post office for OVER 5 DAYS (not awesome) before the USPS finished delivering it. Way to go USPS, no wonder nobody wants to ship with you anymore.

My first day on Woot and am impressed with the range of items on sale…but disappointed in the photos/descriptions of things. This one in particular. How about clearly labeling which of the 3 versions is which? It’s taking me a lot of clicking around to see the differences.

Looks like the West Coast loves these things, are they that good for travel? Since I’m female, I have my purse, but I guess guys always need an extra pocket or 2? I think they scream “I’m a tourist and ripe for scamming!” but I’m interested in hearing more.

Purses are fine for domestic travels. For oversea travels, where you may need important documents such as passports, visas, etc, it’s more practical and far more secure to have these close-to-the-body pouches. They are extremely difficult for pick-pockets and cannot be snatched like a purse.

We have a group of college students from my church headed for Peru in a few weeks. At the orientation meeting the pastor, who has been there before, recommended these. You wear them inside your clothing, not outside. Unless the thief has xray vision, you wouldn’t jump out as a tourist.

I agree with adnilna, the pictures/descriptions are not helpful… so the waist and convertible models can both be worn around the neck or waist?

I have a similar around the waist version, but am thinking of getting another. When I travel to Europe, Mexico or S. America or if I’m traveling with a group of students and I am responsible for a lot of $$, I wear it under my clothing. I feel quite secure with it. Even when I have to remove it at the airport check-in, I feel quite secure in putting it back on around my waist. Of course, one could dash into the restroom of choice to feel that no one is watching!

Ladies, this works best if you have easy access to your waist for the waist one. It would be a bit more bulky than you would like if wearing a skirt or a dress, plus with a dress, you would not be able to access this one. :tongue:

I’m assuming those dimensions, specifically the neck stash, are when it’s open and not closed. Meaning I won’t be able to fit my phone inside.

5" screen dimensions, and probably only going to get bigger in the future. I’ll have to seek a bigger ‘man bag’.

I can’t figure out which one is which and will pass for only that reason.