T-Tech By Tumi Travel Accessories

Hmmm…Amazon has the eBags at 3 for 24.99 (plus shipping) and they are larger in size. Plus with a gazillion excellent reviews compared only 2 for the T-Tech - I think I would go for some more eBags.

Ebags does not make the shirt folders though - they seem like a good deal, but just a few reviews at Amazon (generally positive). Anyone tried them?

How to fold shirts for packing: http://youtu.be/An0mFZ3enhM

I’m not quite grasping why I’d want everyone to see what’s in my bags.

Alternative and slightly faster version:

I am really hoping this was sarcasm.

That was my first thought, and then I realized these go into your normal suitcase.

The Garment Cover gets 1 Star at the mother ship.

Ripped on the second night, according to the comment. And Tumi didn’t want to replace.

Of course YMMV

Too bad $30 for a good Tumi would be worth it.

The ones at The Container Store are pretty nice, and include a shirt-folder thing as well. The nice thing about their packs is they’ve got handles.

Regardless, having your clothes sorted like this can really lower your stress levels. It’s weird.

My wife uses that method, and I always tell her that she looks like she’s slept in her clothes. For the past week.

Ha! So does my adult son. If we’re going somewhere together, I make him take the shirt off so I can steam it.

Coffee, meet keyboard. Keyboard, coffee.
Well played.

How to fold a shirt standing up:

(But TT’s method wins hands down.)

So does my wife. We’re not married to the same person, are we?

As written:
The Truth: Tumi Travel Tech Totally Transcends The Trip’s Trappings.

The Truth: Tumi Travel Tech Totally Takes Trip Trappings To Transcendent.

Just makes more sense.