T-Veee - TV style Cat Scratcher

You see a TV, while I see a microwave. Put a powered turntable in there that operates on a pressure switch and let the fun begin.

Came to say the same thing. Now that the tube tv is dead, everyone will see a microwave. I suspect that’s why it’s on woot!

The scratching part looks to be on the sides and not the top.

That was my first thought as well. Televisions haven’t looked like this since the 1970s. It is clearly a microwave. Though personally, I think a microwave cat scratcher is a far better product!

I get this ad 4/6 and it is sold out with comments from 3/21? WTH Woot???

Sorry about that! These items went quickly after the “Woot this Week” email was sent out on 4/5.