[Tab]let us tell you about these tablets!

Compare, contrast, commence chatter! (And other words that start with the letter c.)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (man, they need to work on their names) is scheduled to get Android 4.1 (Jellybean) from Samsung. No idea when, but it will happen.

Samsung Roadmap

I bought two of these a while ago and we love them! Hopefully they will upgrade the OS to Jellybean but currently at 4.03 update 5. Great price.

I have the Sony Tablet S with cradle from the last time it was offered for sale on woot! and I still love it. As a matter of fact, there was a software update last night that had many improvements. I also read an article that it will eventually get Jelly Bean along with the new Xperia Tablet.

Sony Tablet is the shiznit! I bought this for my girlfriend. I own an IPAD2 and must say the Sony tablet might be better. I try to convince myself that its not only because I paid double for my IPAD.

Can anyone tell me how well the aPen digital pen works???

I recently got one. It works much better than I had expected. I have been using it for taking notes in meetings. This allows me to have both a paper copy, and a digital copy.

I’ve also used it briefly drawing in photoshop. I’m not very artistic, but my stick figures turned out great. There is no pressure sensitivity like some other higher quality pens, but that doesn’t matter to me.

As long as you don’t move the sensor, you wont have any problems.

HP already sold out?

I brought one of the Sony SGPT112US/S 32GB 9.4" Android Tablet S with Cradle last time they were on woot. This was the first tablet that I have owned. (I don’t even own a cell phone)
Anyway I just placed another order for this tablet just so my family will leave me alone and stop touching MY sony!! I have never owned anything to compare with but I can tell you how much I love this tablet. I did have to call the help line (because I am tablet stupid) and they were able to help me. The help line was fast, kind and they knew what they were talking about. I have downloaded several free books and games. This is one order I was happy about and that is why I ordered another one today.

Thanks WOOT

Samsung Tab 7 2 is a great alternative for a universal remote.

Here’s a Tom’s Hardware review on the Sony.

With the Archos 10 inch…

So there is an update for this past 2.2? Also, whats with the apps? The description says you get access to many Android apps… is there access to the whole app store? Netflix?

Looks like there was only one. My guess is that it is a mistake, and there will be more later.

Staff? any insight, or was there just one?

Woot plus sales often tend to have more limited quantities than our regular sale. Sorry you missed those!

Archos- not impressed:

Uggghhh I was in the process of buying the Sony tablet and now its sold out :frowning:

I had one of the Galaxy Tab 2 units before I got my Nexus. It’s a decent tablet for the price and runs ICS from the factory. It felt a tiny bit underpowered, but it is more than capable of handing the typical Facebook/email/usual stuff. Just no high end gaming.

Does anyone know if the A4 Pen works with the new iPad?

In your opinion then is the Nexus a better option for $30 more?