Table in a Bag Folding Polywood Adirondack Chairs

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Table in a Bag Folding Polywood Adirondack Chairs
Price: $139.99
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Condition: New


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Look closely, these chairs are not the same !

That looks like the same, the photo is. It is $92.93 on

Actually this is the polywood one:


And yes, they use the same picture for the white chair, be it natural wood or polywood.

Is there an actual picture of the brown chair. That photo does not look like polywood so something is up and polywood has several brown shades so I’m hesitant until I know more.

3 chairs on their way to Florida since midnight. Wonder what will replace this when the boys at want up… perhaps frog leak detector s or flying monkeys? (Grin)

WHICH brown color?




If it’s available in the Sand color then I’m in for some.

$140 for some plastic chairs (no, PollyWood is not wood just because it has the word “wood” in it). I’ll pass.

FWIW - the pictures on Amazon appear identical: the white LOOKS like Polywood; the brown LOOKS like stained pine. Amazon has no reviews of either color and says only 1 in-stock.

I actually like Polywood. I’ve seen many sturdy, nicely made Polywood chairs, benches, and tables. But the pictures here and at Amazon leave me doubting what I’d get if I ordered these.

100% real imitation wood. Guaranteed!

Are these curved or straight back?

The picture of the white one appears curved back, but it doesn’t say in the description.

totally. the white is angled at the front while the brown is curved. which one is it?

is it just me, or is this not a deal?

I ordered NOT the white one. I thought it was called Wood vs Brown or I simply am remembering that I thought it looked like wood. The chair and color look nothing like the photo. In fact I’m not even sure this folds. There are no assembly instructions in box, the instruction drawings on the Woot page seem to match the photo on the outside of the box. The outside of box says nothing about folding nor do the directions. I am NOT happy.

It said White Polywood. But, if you selected Brown Polywood and you received the white, please email your order info and situation to CS can check into your account and options.

It is solid brown, not what the chair looks like in the photo which looks like wood, with wood grain, varying browns, etc. Secondly, the instructions don’t indicate anything about folding, can you explain how folding works? Or show me a diagram or a photo of this chair being folded? All of the hardware is threaded. Most folding things use smooth pins.

I’ll bring these issues and questions to the attention of our vendor managers.

Have a good weekend!