Table In A Bag Lighting

Did anyone get these lights last time around? How are they?

I did. I returned them because despite what they said in the description at the time the cord was 16awg. The sockets were nice and sturdy but I didn’t feel comfortable with the cord for outdoor duty, it was not much thicker than a standard lamp cord.

I got “Table In A Bag CLS4824 City String Lights with 24 Light Sockets and Clear Bulbs, 48-Feet” last time and the wiring is extremely thick. It reminds me of a commercial grade lighting. I love them I used Christmas lights in the past but the squirrels chewed right through them. They haven’t touched these yet. I highly recommend this set atleast.

The only problem I did have is 2 bulbs were smashed on arrival. I was so disappointed. I didn’t realize this until we went to install them before our mothers day celebration. Anything woot can help me with or should I contact the company?

You can definitely email into to see if we’ll be able to help, it is more likely that Table In A Bag will have replacements readily available, though.

I picked up some of the Vintage String lights and was underwhelmed at the sturdiness of the wiring. The cords just felt cheap.

The bulbs are quite breakable as well, careful setting them down on a patio while putting them up. I broke three.

I bought the café lights last spring, from Amazon. Paid a bit more than price offered here.

Very pleased with them, the shades are larger than I expected, do a great job of protecting the light bulbs from rain and hail.

The electrical cord is thick and sturdy; rubber grommet-hanger loop on each fixture is also very sufficient.

I would recommend installing these on a braided-steel or SS ‘airline’ cable, especially for long-term use. Insert the bulbs AFTER installing the light string to avoid breakage.

Had to uninstall ours to cut down a few trees, and I didn’t really have them installed safely in the first place… inserted eyebolts into tree trunks, then strung the lights. Occurred to me later that if hit by lightning, ALL the trees involved would be damaged, as the cable would act as a conduit. So this time around, will use metal fence poles around the patio, anchored in concrete.

Since these create a great ambience around the patio, I need to get to digging some fence-post holes, pronto.

Hey Woot,

Any info on the location of the on-off switch for the fixtures that have them? Assuming the switches are inline… what is the distance from the BULB end (user end) to the switch?

Helpful to know where to expect the switch to be, depending on customer’s application.

Any you’re particularly interested in?

Well, since ALL the pendant fixtures describe “10-ft cord w/on-off switch”, any pendant fixture would be a good place to start.

Chances are all the pendant fixtures use the same exact cord, only the shade and/or light bulb would be different…

I sent an email to our buyer for some clarification. I couldn’t find any other sites that listed a location or had any pics of the switch. I’ll update you here when I know more.

Any details on the HCPL01 Half Chrome Pendant Lamp?

How many lights (looks like 9 in the picture, perhaps?)? Are bulbs included? 80" x 10"…seems rather narrow. Why would I care about the width of a lamp sockets/without bulb measurements. Is the 80" height adjustable?

Amazon details are equally sparse, though indicates “…ample light for safety at night.” What??

I asked, specifically, if the lights were 2 prong or 3 prong (grounded), as my intention was to hang the lights outside and having them grounded seemed like a good idea (plus, the reviews on Amazon said the newer, 2 prong lights were much lower quality).

I specifically purchased a set described as 3 prongs (updated after I asked). The lights came and much to my disappointment, had 2 prongs. Back they went.

I wouldn’t order again.

…Bueller? Bueller?

I’m checking back in with them now, I’m sorry I didn’t get a response yesterday.

Buyer awake yet?

I purchased the commercial lights, well made however I was expecting 5watt bulbs. With the price of electricity going up 25watt bulbs received will cost too much. How do I go about returning the two strands I purchased?

You can reach out to to see what options are available.

Three bulbs burned out within first couple days. I lightly flicked them with my finger, broke the glass on one and another came back on for a little while. Bulbs are definitely 5watt. 16ga wire, not grounded. Bulbs start within a few inches of plug and go all the way to the end. No switch on chord.
They look sweet for the summer but I’ll be taking them down for the winter. If they survive two summers I’ll have my money’s worth.