Table In A Bag Lighting

Some of those lights confuse me. Like the half chrome thing. The bulbs just lay on each other? I’m tempted to add one of these pendants over the grill so I can actually see what I’m cooking.

I bought the Table In A Bag LS4824C Vintage String Lights the last time they were on Woot. They were not 14GA and they were not 3 prong plugs. They were 16 GA and 2 prong. Woot was made aware and I find it interesting, they put them back on the site but have not updated the description??? If you order them, prepare to them to be 16 GA with a 2 prong plug. See previous descussion:

I’m definitely sorry about that. I’m checking in with the buyer to make sure we change the specs and figure out what’s up. If you haven’t already, please feel free to email into

The last time this Table in a Bag lighting deal was on WOOT, I bought the safety string lights with 24 lights. As it turns out there were only 7 lights. WOOT did allow me to go through the not so simple return process. I see that they are being advertised the same this time, be prepared to get 7 not 24.

A little further research has these (CSL3505)at 35 feet not the 48 feet listed on WOOT. Amazon lists the length but not number of lights.
Wayfair lists this model as 7 lights and 420 inches (35’). Why WOOT why? This was a problem the last time. Although this is a better deal than amazon & wayfair, just not as advertised.

correction: that should read - CSL3507

Thank you BLACKROCK… I was just about to point that out as well. Sloppy copy/paste WOOT.

Be sure to update the specs on the City String lights as well. I informed Woot! that they are only 2-prong, and that the bulbs included are 11 watt not 5 watt as stated. With a 24 bulb string that sucks down 144 more watts than expected and makes the string a significant amount brighter, which was not what I wanted.

To make up for these glaring differences I was given a partial refund, which did cover the cost of the two replacement bulbs I needed to buy to cover the two that were dead out of the box.

RE: Table in a Bag HCPL01 Half Chrome Pendant Lamp

It says it’s 80" long - that’s pretty long. Is that correct?

Where do the bulbs go? How do the get into those small globes?

Apologies, all. Checking in with the buyer/set-up peeps to make sure we address all your questions.

So which lights are the ones in the banner pic?


Sorry for the delay, no reply has been received yet.

UPDATE: Buyer says everything should be updated. Do you still have unanswered questions?

The information on the City String lights is still incorrect. It still states 5w bulbs and not 11w, which is what I received when I ordered it last time.

Are the six packs of bulbs clear or smoke glass? In the pictures, a few of them look more smoked, but descriptions on other sites say clear. Anyone know?

Sorry, checking back in. Checking on the smoke vs. clear question as well.

Checked in with the vendor, these are definitely clear. Sorry if the photos don’t super represent that.

Table In A Bag CLS4824 City String Lights

I’m wanting to pull the trigger on a few sets here but am nervous. After some research it seems like the common bulb is an S14 for this model.

This description says G50, which appear to be less attractive round globes. After some of the discussion I’m nervous to go ahead and buy. If they are what is pictured, bulb included, I’m in. But the G50 bulbs seem to be a downgrade (IMO).

All this discussion of fewer sockets and a higher gauge wire also has me nervous. Can we also confirm this is an e27 socket?

Still waiting on a response from agingdragqueen from the seller of the HCPL01 Half Chrome Pendant Lamp from a month ago.

Any updates on this light??

*How many lights (looks like 9 in the picture, perhaps?)? Are bulbs included? 80" x 10"…seems rather narrow. Why would I care about the width of a lamp sockets/without bulb measurements. Is the 80" height adjustable? *