Table in a Bag

Tall fuschia table says 16" high. Should be 27" I believe.

So, where do you get the cushions to go with the low table??

I would love one of these for camping. But that’s just a bit pricey to justify it.

We’ve really enjoyed the pair of square-topped, tall aluminum tables bought during a previous woot! offering. We’ve used them often at the beach, on the sidelines at our kids’ sports games, and even as a lemonade stand on our street. A good balance of sturdiness, portability, and light weight. In the bags ours are a little smaller and lighter than standard fold-up captain’s chairs we carry to sidelines, etc.

Thanks for pointing that out! We’ve got it changed now.

How much do these tables weigh?

Can you link me to the one(s) you’re asking about?

UPDATE: Weights for the tables will be added to the sales shortly.

I actually own one of these tables that came with low chairs as well. The table is fantastic! I have those exact cushions as well. I bought them over 5 years ago from Pottery Barn.

We have those cushions, purchased over 5 years ago from Pottery Barn.

Any chance I can still order tables in a bag??? I totally missed it today :cry:

just received the lanterns. haven’t got a chance to put them to use yet, but they definitely aren’t 10 inches tall, diameter is half of what’s listed, and they use 4 batteries, not 3…

other than that, can’t wait to use them! :wink:

(did i get the right item? seeing it in person, no way should this be priced normally at $30+)