Table Lamp 2-Pack with Shades



Are these plug in oversize flashligts.


With shades?


If the lampshade comes unassembled, do not buy. I purchased some of these elsewhere. 6 different people tried to put the lampshade together. Nobody succeeded, despite trying everything they could think of, twice! The lamps were fine, but the shades impossible. They were returned.


What makes the Wilson style worth 1 penny more than the other styles?


$45.99, sure. But $46.00? That’s just crazy talk.


Apparently, the Wilson variety costs 1 cent more. lol


lol i was wondering the same thing. bought one wilson set anyway though.


I actually have a rawhide (pig skin) lampshade in my bedroom.


I’m really kinda digging those black shades. Not enough to pull the trigger…MAINLY because after Wooting for 2 days now my credit card is laying here on the pillow beside me crying, but I’m close.


I think it’s the sleek Italian framework. Or possibly the gilt gloss finish? They both sound expensive.


definitely glad I splurged and got them then :slight_smile:


ok am I crazy or is the wilson set now $45.99 ?


In the hope of finding something else to buy. P.S. Bacon


You’re not crazy. It got changed somehow. You should demand a refund.


I want the black shades on the Classic or the Brantwood. Anyone wanna order-n-swap?


Tupac with Shades


What type bulb connection? standard screw in?


I guess this is a shady deal.