Table Lamp Pairs with Shades

Sold in pairs so you can have not one bright idea, but two. Which set fits your decor?

What color are the shades when the light is turned off on the black/ onyx ones? Is it the cream color it looks like it will be or is it more white?

[*] Bone beige faux smooth silk shade

woot!. I WOULD call you, but alas, you have not provided me with your number yet, not even a fake blow you off 1-800 number.

While it won’t make me not buy, the fact that these come with CFL bulbs is disappointing and has made me think twice.

Quite frankly, I’d rather have no bulbs at all instead of CFLs, which each contain enough mercury to poison 6000 gallons of water.

You guys should be selling those lamps like they have in “Christmas Story,” just a thought…

is a 13W buld bright at all?

A 13W CFL is most comparable to a 60W conventional bulb

60 Watt isn’t great for reading. Will they take a larger, 100 Watt/equivalent bulb, or is there a reason it’s limited to 60 W/e?