Tablet Menagerie

Well Woot!, you finally broke me down. You kept up the siren song til I finally crashed on the rocks of the Note 10.1 (2014).

I hope you’re happy!

If only I had waited until tonight, I wouldn’t have had to go into a best buy! In for a nexus7


Polaroid PTAB7XC 7" Android Tablet with Wi-Fi for $49 isn’t a bad deal. OS can only be upgraded to Android 4.0.3 via update option. Google Play Market IS NOT included, but the old Market 3.1.3 can be installed to allow some access to google apps. OK secondary tablet for email, games (Simpsons Tapped Out actually does work on this device).

WOOT can we have the Nexus 7 LTE version soon? Thanks.

I picked up the note 8 on here a couple months ago and it is a solid tab. I wish it was more dockable than it is (it is sort of dockable with my note 2 dock). I know some think it is ‘sluggish’ but unless you are a power user, you’ll find it snappy. Now I am drawn to the 10" even though I know what I really need is to replace my windows laptop not buy another consumption device. Maybe woot needs to up their windows tab game.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 16GB is a good deal. Price is right and it will be updating to Android KitKat 4.4.2 very soon. Updates have already started in France.


There are also some unoffical Cyanogenmod Builds out there already to upgrade to 4.4.2 KitKat. Though I suggest waiting just a bit until they get all the bugs out and release a stable version if you prefer to root it.

Wish I could afford it.

I bought a Galaxy 10.1 from woot 2 years ago. Thing is still running like a champ. I highly recommend it!

I could see myself getting this Razer Edge as my primary PC, but it seems like Razer doesn’t sell the docking station anymore. How am I supposed to plug the Edge into my monitor or TV without it?

I never bought a tablet from woot, but i have the original nexus 7 and it is awesome except for some battery issues like the intermittent slow charging issue. Other than that its a great tablet, And i heard the second gen has some similar battery issues.

So tempting!

Definitely a good deal. Especially for kids. These have held up for me much better than my previous iPad

Dude, do you even Nexus?

Bought a note 2014 10.1 while back, battery life still not on par with iPads, but I love it anyway. Standby battery life still blows, couple of days usually vs the week or 2 I use to get on iPads.

Note 8.0 Vs Tab 3 8.0 looking at the specs it would seam that the note is the better choice, but I’m just looking for something to play some casual games and use with my Chrome Cast. Would I be happy with the Tab 3 or end up hating my self for being such a tight wad and not spending $30 more for the Note?

Picked up the Acer Iconia W700-6831. I’ve been waiting on a good deal for the W700-6454, but this is even better.

I just now realized that USB-to-VGA adapters exist, so I could probably just grab one of those + a USB hub for desktop use.

i got the iconia w3 and every one loved it so much that my mom talked me into selling it to her. So i bought myself the iconia w510 and have now upgraded each with a new 128 gig ssd. love them both.