Tablet Smörgåsbord

I have the Transformer Infinity and it runs so slowly now that it’s basically unusable. I have done several complete wipes with no luck. Apparently, Asus used cheap/slow flash memory. My fiance has the original Transformer and it runs circles around the Infinity at this point.

I bought an Asus TF700T from woot a while back. I haven’t had the speed problems bchernicoff mentioned. Mine has been super fast as I play a great number of 3D games on it as well as watch movies.
However, the compass never worked, which I recently found out is just my tablet. Now the screen is starting to malfunction because it’s coming unstuck from the back plate unevenly. That makes it nearly unusable. I found out with some searching that this is why there are so many refurbished ones for sale.
After having used iOS, I still think Android is far superior. If I could go back in time, I would have tried the Samsung Galaxy Note instead.

ASUS tablets are updated on Google Play and makes a hugh differance! My tablet worked much better. You must go into setting and set the update setting.

I just got the Pyle 7 BT/Wifi from woot a couple of weeks ago and I sent it back. The screen would freak out. The outside case is thin and light and I don’t think it will take much punishment. When I first fired it up it was in some drawing mode and didn’t work correct. I did a full reset and then it worked…but the screen after a while would start to “Rainbow” and “Streak”. Pay the 50 bucks more and get a brand name tablet.

Sometimes you’ll need to re-calibrate the compass by waving the device around in circles… Open an app that uses the compass and then wave it in a figure 8 pattern like you’re playing with a sparkler or something. This works for my phone. For my car, I have to drive in circles to reset it! Dizzy!

I can’t believe that actually worked, but it did! Thanks!

ok so the pyle tablets are pyles of… schtuff. no surprise there. how are the polaroids? i have one of their cheap little digital video cameras and it’s ok and has held up surprisingly well. just thinking whether a $50 polaroid tablet would be ok for my 4-yr old. she seems to be pretty careful when using my wife’s galaxy tab2, so maybe it’ll be fine for her.

The Polaroids get really bad reviews on Amazon. There’s a reason why they’re so cheap. Waste of money.

I’m debating on the Galaxy Note 8.0… Not sure if I need/want it badly enough though. Anyone have kind words or criticism for the device that could push me over the edge either way?

I have been wanting a Note tablet for months and just pulled the trigger today on the 8. I decided I would rather have one-hand-hold-ability over the slightly larger screen and increased weight.

I ended up getting this one from NewEgg. No case but I need it before a trip next week and the shipping with them is more reliable.

Anyone know what case comes with the 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 2? Does case mean just a sleeve, or is it an adjustable stand type case? Got Pics?

It comes with a leather pouch. A picture will be added shortly.

It looks like Woot’s sale ends at noon Eastern time tomorrow. I’m probably going to have to pass on getting one until the next sale. When you have time, come back and post on how you like yours.

Does anyone know why the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is for sale twice at two different prices? I check both and couldn’t find any difference in specs. They are the same model, both with 8GB internal storage.

One came with a leather pouch.

its actually the Memory Controller for the Tegra 3. There was a fix that was put into the Nexus 7 with 4.3 that seemed to fix that.

I bought the galaxy tab 2 on October 31st and still haven’t received a tracking number but paid for it as funds were withdrawn from my checking?Did anyone receive their tablets yet?? I emailed support a couple of times and received a link to FedEx with no tracking number and I can’t get anywhere.

Looks like we’re late getting the tracking file but Track by Reference is working. Also looks like it was just delivered.

You can use FedEx’s “Track by Reference” feature to get tracking info using your order number. Your order number is on your order details which you can get via Stuff You Bought. Leave the Account Number blank. Enter your order number in the reference box. Next, select your country and enter your zip code. Click TRACK and voilà, you may have tracking info.

The Note 8 is outstanding, form factor-wise and performance-wise. Additionally, the only blemish mine had was a scratch on the Samsung case it came with (which I ended up replacing with a Poetic case off the mothership). The only tipoff that it was a refurb was the sticker on the back of the tablet.
I couldn’t be happier!