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Samsung XE500T1C
bought this from Woot last offering. Love this tablet. I have iPads,Androids,Hp WebOS and Computers back to the 70s.This my all time favorite. It runs both 16,32and 64 bit software all installed at the same time! I use my all time favorites interactvely with OS delivered on the tablet. Install the free desktop software (on the web) patch to get the old desktop back and run all pc software from NT to Win 8 with/without apps. You may think there is a screen bright/ dim problem but go to Samy website for latest update. Use a powered USB adapter to add more Usb devices. Plays media better than my new ASUS win 8 laptop.

I like the TF300 for multiple reasons. First, the Tegra 3 is well matched to the screen resolution and does not stutter like some of the higher resolution screens. I know this was somewhat addressed with updates but people are still complaining so better to be safe with this “lower” resolution. Secondly, the TF300 has basically the same component parts as the Nexus 7 so when a new Android version comes out, the Nexus devices get it first, followed closely by this TF300. Asus has a good history of keeping up with the firmware releases so there is less need to root and install another ROM unlike some devices with little manufacturer support. Lastly, the keyboard attachment is a great option and makes the tablet that much more useful for productivity (vs consumption).

The only negative is that I would consider this a bargain at $200 and the keyboard at $50. So Woot is “close” but not quite there. I’m sure price will be dropping even more as the next iteration from Asus is supposedly coming out “soon” plus HP’s copycat version with the latest Tegra 4 processor just launched a week ago.

It’s certainly a better purchase than an as-good-as-dead Surface RT tablet – the price is a little steep for a refurb, especially without a keyboard.

I believe returns maybe based on the screen going dimmer without contant interactive touching, This wa apparently a battery extening feature which now is addressed with an updater. I first thought it was defective. The update allows you to turn the featur off or adjust the time out for dimming without touch.

I bought Asus TF700T-B1-GR with dock last month. It came without the power adapter/charger. Now it’s listed for $50 less than what I paid. Two orders messed up in past month.

How do you like it? Other than the price you paid…

I haven’t been able to use it because of no power. It has proprietary charging connector and USB adapter.

I am considering a tablet for my 8 yr old niece this Christmas, which will probably be also used by her 3 yr old sister and Mom (they currently do not have any tablets). Any suggestions among the options less than $100?

Also, if I were to get her a gift card for android apps where would I get it from so she can load up her new tablet with tween crap?

Play store gift cards are available at most major retailers like WalMart or Target.

How do you get the 3G turned on and what carriers can be used?

That’s a good question, I just sent an email to the buyers to see if I can get that info. I’ll post back with an update. :slight_smile:

Poloroid tab is the worst I’ve seen ever. Screen was all blotch and hard to read, no play store…

I purchased the Samsung XE500T1C ATIV Smart PC 500T - 11.6" 64GB with keyboard from the “mothership” (Amazon) back in June. I, too, have/had every imaginable gadget/tablet/pc (just sold my Surface RT) and this little cookie is THE BEST, hands down! I love Windows 8 (yes, I do!) and I don’t believe I’ll be needing any other “tablet” for a long while!

From our wonderful Eric:

It works with GSM carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T

Here is a list of carriers and what they support:

To hook it up to your cell network I believe you just need a SIM card. Here is the manual that will probably help.

Some people mentioned problems in the previous discussions for the Samsung XE500T1C.

Does anyone know whether these problems are common or whether they were resolved?

Infinity Pad (TF700) + Dock = Fantastic tablet. For even better performance, unlock it and install CROMi-x. Stellar performance and 100% based on Asus stock firmware.

The problems have been resolved … You need to allow the Samsung app to update FIRST and then allow the Windows updates after (Samsung even advises this on their website). I’ve had none of the problems mentioned and I’ve had mine since June.

My daughter had this tablet. With only 4gb storage, she quickly ran out of room for apps.

The sd card can only be used for photos/videos/music. One of the updates to Android prevents you from moving the apps to the sd card.