Tableta Rasa

For some reason,TF700 with keyboard/dock and TF700 without keyboard/dock have the same price. Makes it easy to choose.

I noticed the same thing.

Golly, I wonder which one will sell out first.

Proscan 8" TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, “Google Certified” Internet Tablet, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS, ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core 1.5GHz CPU, Storage is Nand Flash, 8GB Internal (Expandable to 32GB via micro SD slot), RAM Memory 1GB DDR3 Internal, 3.7 Volt 4000mAh Li-Poly Battery (Avg run time is 4 Hours), Dual Camera’s, 1024 x 768 Multi-Touch Screen Display, Micro USB (2.0) Port, Micro SD Slot (up to 32GB), Mini HDMI 720p/1080p port, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, WI-FI 802.11b/g/n, Ethernet LAN RJ45 (with use of optional USB Dongle), 3D G Sensor for auto-rotation of screen (must be enabled in settings), Google Play Store Installed. This is Model PLT8235G

I bought 2 of these the other day from Woot and they arrived quickly via the US Post Office, and in perfect condition.

I noticed that the Woot Web Site shows a 1 Year Warranty on these, but the included Proscan Warranty Document in the packaging only covers a 90 Day Warranty, so keep your purchase documents if you need them later.

This is my first Tablet Computer, and after looking at the more expansive iPad’s and other devices, I decided to dip my foot into the water with this one.

It runs the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Operating System which is Open Source, and as such, gives you a lot of options and freedom to install apps and make changes that other locked operating systems don’t easily allow.

When I first turned them on, I followed the installation steps in the enclosed manual and on the screen to get this to connect to my network, but it didn’t “See” any networks. There are about 4 other networks in my area that I can “see” with my Laptops, but this tablet could not even find one. After checking everything and turning on SSID Broadcast on my router, it still could not see any networks to connect to.

I had to perform a full reset on both Tablet’s to get them to see the Networks (Press a plastic pin into the reset hole for a couple of seconds) and then it rebooted and began the setup process again. This time, all networks showed up and I was allowed to proceed with the setup. I use MAC Address Filtering on my Router, so I had to disable that for the initial setup, then add the units to the MAC table before turning filtering back on.

Initially it took me a little work to get these to “See” my home wireless network because I typically configure the router to hide the SSID. If it is hidden, this pad will never “See” or “Connect” to it even if you manually configure the SSID and Password. I have to leave the SSID Broadcast Enabled for these to be able to see and connect to my network. I read about some Droid Smart Phones that also have this problem, so it was not completely unexpected. Still working on a solution for this…

The best feature is that these units are small, lightweight and fast. Since they are Google Certified Devices, (this is Extremely Important) most updates to applications are automatically pushed to the tablet, so very little maintenance is needed.

The Google Play Store Application is already installed, so it makes it very easy to find and install applications. The unit is very responsive and easy on the eyes. The ability to magnify or expand the display size with a two finger pinch or expand is very nice.

It integrates very nicely with Google Mail, and all of the Google applications such as Picasa, YouTube, etc. I was also able to connect it easily to my old email account.

There are thousands of applications that can be installed, most of which are free or cheap. There is a built in eReader, or you can install other readers like the Kindle Reader. Google Chrome is installed as well as another browser. You can also install Firefox, Dolphin and other browsers if you prefer those. You can install most software through the Google Play Store or other sources if you desire.

Also, if you setup your account before you set this up, it will make things a little easier as Google backs up all of your data and applications to your Google account automatically. If you loose the tablet or it craps out, the idea is that you can get another one and simply login to your Google account and it will push all of your applications and data back down to your tablet. A little fine tuning of Icon positions may be needed, but otherwise, your back in business very quickly. Very Cool!

Overall, this is a great value and I’m extremely pleased with my purchase.

The Proscan Web Site has a Manual and Firmware Downloads available.

I have not figured out what to do with the firmware download as Google automatically updates the Android OS (because this is on the Google Approved List) and Applications as needed from what I have seen. The Manual is a PDF File and has some basic info in it if you want to take a look at it.

I liked this so much that I just bought a 3rd one for a Christmas Present!

There are lots of YouTube video’s on how to use the Android Tablets/Android Smart Phones in general, but I have not found a really good step by step instructional video or manual taking you from Initially turning it on to installing and using all of the neat built-in Applications. Like everything with computers and software, its a constant process of learning your way around, and frankly, it’s a lot of fun!

Update: Got my third unit delivered on Saturday by US Post Office. Amazing Fast Service since I only ordered the 3rd unit on Thursday!!!

**UPDATE: 12/28/2013 GREAT CASE FOUND that Actually FITS this Tablet Nearly Perfectly !! **

Its called the i-UniK E FUN Nextbook Premium 8HD Multi-Angle Slim Protection Case / Cover.

These Cases are also sometimes called Portfolio’s or Covers.

I received all 3 tablets, and they all work just fine. I had trouble finding a case for them.

After measuring the unit and comparing it to more name brand units, I found it to be identical in size to the Walmart NextBook 8" device (as it too is a 4x3 format device identical in size to this one).

Below is the link to the case on

The case securely holds the tablet using a soft leather surround. The corners of the tablet are not covered with leather. The Tablet slips into the case from the bottom, and then a leather bottom flap is folded under the tablet where it then lays flat against the bottom of the tablet and securely connects to the back of the case using a Velcro strip. The bottom, the right side and the top of the Tablet are all covered with leather except for the corners which are not covered. The left side is mostly open with two sections of leather strategically cut out to allow access to most of the ports. Since this was designed for the Walmart Tablet, it probably fits it perfectly, but to use with the Proscan a little modification may be necessary.

To use this case with the Proscan PLT8235G Tablet, you may wish to add additional holes for the Front and Rear Camera’s, and Speakers using a Leather Hole Punch. The Volume UP Control button is slightly covered by the leather at the top edge of the case, but does not seem to put any pressure on the switch. You can push the Up Volume switch using slight pressure on the leather as it’s pretty soft.

The case is pretty well made and comes with a small stylus pen which seems to work pretty well. The Case is available in a few colors which closely match the swatches shown in the ad on I ordered the Black, Violet Purple, and Light blue Cases.

I paid $17.99 for each of these and got free freight. I must say that I’m very happy with the Tablets and Cases.

I hope this helps!

Now I need to figure out how to Root this baby!!!

**UPDATE 2014-03-12

I SUCCESSFULLY ROOTED this Proscan PLT8235G Tablet following the instructions in this YouTube Video**

The video is titled “How to Root Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean (Universal Method)”, but it worked just fine with Android 4.1.1 that these tablets have on them.

(See my comments about minor changes I observed vs the video as user Optionstraderman under the video. Also, be sure to go into Settings/Developer options/ and turn them ON, and then scroll down and put a check in the box for USB debugging to allow changes to take place while connected to a USB Cable to your PC. Also, Go to Security/Unknown sources and place a check in the box to allow installation of apps from other sources. Do this BEFORE starting to ROOT your Device or it may not be successful.)

So far, it appears to be working just great! The entire process took about 15 minutes to watch the video 2 times, and then to download the application and perform the steps in the video.

Give it a try if you have been struggling to find a way to Root this Device Successfully!

Good Luck!!

**UPDATE March 31, 2014 New Firmware Available!!! **

If you have had any problems with your tablet such as intermittent errors or lock ups, you may want to try the new firmware from the Proscan Site for your tablet.

I had an issue just yesterday where the tablet froze while watching a YouTube Video, and simply wouldn’t do anything and could not be shut off normally.

After holding the Power Button down for about 30 seconds to shut off the tablet, it still would not shut off, and I had to resort to holding the power button down while also pushing the tip of a paperclip into the “Reset” hole on the left top side of the tablet and holding it there for about 10 seconds to finally get it to shut off. I waited about 30 seconds and then tried to turn it back on. It appeared to boot normally, but hung at the “Android” word screen with the continuous reflection motion activity where it usually stays for about 10-15 seconds. It would never go past that point regardless of how long I left it there. I gave up on it after an hour and simply held down the power button to finally shut it down again.

I put the tablet into Recovery Mode by pressing down and Holding down both the -Vol Down Key and the Power Button for about 20 seconds after which the Recovery Screen comes alive. The Volume up/down keys are used to scroll up and down the menu, and the Power Button is used to select menu items.

I “Wiped the Media Partition”, I “Wiped the Cache Partition” and even attempted to “Wipe data/factory reset”, but nothing would bring it back to life. After rebooting it, it kept hanging at the “Android” screen and would never move to boot normally. I also noticed that when I would select the “Reboot” function from the Recovery Screen, the tablet would shut off, but never reboot as it should.

I eventually went to the Proscan Web Site and downloaded the “Firmware” listed for the device, and when I opened it up, I found it was different than the prior version that I had downloaded and stored on my PC from when I purchased the Tablet back in late 2013. This new version was a little smaller and contains an incorrect instruction document outlining how to initiate the Recovery Mode for this tablet (which I outlined correctly above for those that have never done it), but the remaining 3 files worked properly and totally reinstalled everything back to the tablet to put it into a “Like New” state.

Of course, all data and applications were wiped out, but it was just good to see that I could bring it back from the dead.

Here are the steps to go through to complete the Update/Recovery Process. You will need another PC and a SD Micro-Flash Memory Card to complete these steps. The PC must have the ability to write to a SD Micro-Flash Memory Card. Of course, you will also need internet access on the PC and the Tablet to acquire the files and update the tablet.

  1. Using your PC, download the file from the web site (Link Above)

  2. Acquire a small capacity SD Micro-Flash card (I used a 2GB because that is the largest card my old Windows XP Machines can read) and use the PC to reformat it to FAT or FAT32.

  3. On the PC, Unzip the downloaded “PRO_PLT8235G_FIRMWARE.ZIP” file (using something like the free “7-Zip” software from to a Directory on your PC.

  4. Using the PC, Copy the following 3 files to the SD Micro-Flash Memory Card. “recovery.img”, “”, and “factory_update_param.aml”

  5. Properly Eject the SD Micro-Flash Memory Card from your PC, and insert the Micro-SD card into the card slot on the lower left side of the Tablet and push it far enough into the Tablet to hear it click and lock into place. (If you have never done it, when your finished with the SD Card, you will also push it in again to unlock it and it will pop out a little so it can easily be removed.)

  6. Plug the Tablet Charger into Wall, then into the Tablet. (We definitely don’t want to lose power during this process)

7)Initiate the process outlined above to go into the Recovery Mode Screen on the Tablet.

Before it reaches the Recovery Mode Screen, the new files on the SD Flash card will take control of the tablet and you will be presented with a Yellow-Green Android standing on the screen with his chest open and a wire cage rotating in the cavity.

If you get this far, just sit back and don’t touch anything for about 5 minutes.

Your machine will be cleaned, new firmware installed, and after about 5 minutes you will be presented with the familiar original Welcome Screen.

  1. Once you have started to step through the screens and made it through the WIFI login Screens, the tablet will begin to automatically download all of the new updated Google Applications automatically from the Google Play Store.

  2. I found it is just best to allow all of these to update before doing anything else. Depending on your download speed of your WIFI, it could take up to an hour or more, so just set the tablet down and go do something else for a while.

  3. When you come back, power off the tablet with the power switch, wait about 30 seconds, then power on normally.

  4. Next, click the button to go to the Google Play Store, and press the Handbag Icon in the upper left corner to see the slide out panel that shows “My Apps”.

  5. Touch “My Apps” to see the currently installed Applications. These will be mostly Google Applications, and by now they should all show as having been updated and Installed.

  6. At the top of the screen in the left corner, you will also see the word “ALL”. Touch “ALL”, and you will see a list of applications that you had previously installed on the tablet. From that list you can reinstall as many of these as you wish if you want to. If you want to remove them from the list, simply press the the little “X” in the upper right hand corner of each Application Rectangle to remove them from the list. Both Paid and Free Applications should be listed here.

That’s all there is to it!

For those of you who like to play, you MAY want to ROOT your Tablet using the method I describe above prior to installing any of your old applications, and also consider making a backup of your tablet both before and after installing your Apps.

There are some free programs in the Google Store that don’t require Root Access to run, but they are not able to backup everything on the tablet since they don’t have root access, but they will do a good job backing up your Data items like docs, pictures, music, etc.

For a complete backup, there is a free program called Titanium Backup that is available in both Free and Paid “Pro” versions that everyone seems to think is the cat’s meow for doing backups, so give it a shot if you wish. It claims that it can backup “Everything” on the tablet, and the video on the product screen in the Google Play Store shows how one user has used it for years. The video is very detailed and long, so you have been warned!!

OK, hope this helps. You now may have a second chance to get that tablet up and running once again!!

UPDATE - August 14, 2014 - IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED!!!


I bought 3 of the Brand NEW Proscan PLT8235G tablets (Not Refurbs) from back in Nov, 2013.

I have had to perform Master Resets and start over with all 3 of them at least 10 times each due to the Memory contents becoming corrupt and services just randomly stopping.

I have tried everything under the sun to fix this problem to no avail, so I suspect it is a defect in Manufacturing using cheap parts.

Two of these were gifts for my wife and mother, and they have both experienced the same issues. Typically, Services will Stop running and pop ups begin to appear stating so.

My Mom’s unit is used to play Candy Crush, Solitaire and Google Mail reading. Even with only these few apps installed, it still self destructs about every 2 weeks, with the incident of this beginning to happen more frequently. Also, her battery is now super slow charging, and will discharge while using the tablet even with it plugged in and Charging using either the charger it comes with or plugged into a USB port which will also charge the unit.

My unit still has a good battery, but experienced frequent Services Stopping that required a full reset. It got so bad that now it will would no longer accept any programs or updates due to NO Available Memory. Remember, these are 1GB/8GB Memory units using less than 1/2 of the 1GB to store programs.

I have talked to others that have Android Tablets, and most have never seen these pop up error messages, and most have never had to reset and start over due to corrupt programs.

These appear to have faulty RAM memory which is where all of the programs are stored. The problem frequently shows up after the tablet is turned off CORRECTLY using the Power off button, and then restarted. At that time, the problems will appear without warning.

Yes, Proscan/Curtis/Woot does have a 1 year warranty on the tablets, however the Woot warranty is very short. When I contacted Proscan/Curtis for warranty repair, I was informed that the warranty was on PARTS Only, and that there would be a $45 LABOR Charge + I would have to Pay a Shipping and Handling Fee both ways!

Considering I paid $89.00 each for these, I really don’t believe spending more than 50% of the new cost to get another device (probably a refurb from some other customer with the same problems) is a wise use of funds.

At this point, my tablet is showing 0.00MB RAM of the 1GB available with nothing but the factory reset programs installed. In fact, it won’t even allow me to do an the required Google Store Factory update!!!

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I will NEVER purchase another PROSCAN product ever again.

Stick with a “Quality Name Brand Product”

You have been warned!!

Mix-up in communication and well… other things.

We’ll find someone at random to whip with wet noodles as punishment.

What kind of a warranty would I be looking at with the Nexus 10? I assume its not longer under factory warranty since its not Factory Reconditioned. Is there any warranty at all? Thanks!

Warranties are always shown at the bottom of the features. The Nexus 10 has a 90-day Woot warranty. You can purchase an extended warranty via SquareTrade. That’s also on the Features - unless you’re on a Mobile device. Sometimes the SquareTrade thing doesn’t show up on Mobile devices.

Thanks for clearing that up!

I wish Woot would find/sell just the Asus Infinity Keyboards…

I already have the tablet.

Android being open source does not necessarily allow one all the freedoms that the hype might lead one to believe. Most Android devices have additional–crucial–software from the vendor (Samsung, HTC, etc.), such as drivers for the device hardware, and this software is usually not open source. Users are reliant on the vendor to release updates such as OS upgrades, something that the vendors are not always interested in - they would sooner you buy a new device with the latest OS, rather than providing software updates for a device that may have already been relegated from their current product line up.

[hr]PRICE ON NEXUS 10[hr]

Wow, the buyer is in a good mood and it’s not even Friday yet. He’s dropped the price of the Nexus 10 to $279. Better hurry!

Small print: If you already ordered, that money will fly back into your accounts soonish.

I’m really wanting to play with a Windows tablet, even if it is RT. Was considering the Nokia 2520, but this Asus seems like a great deal.

Can anyone with a Windows RT tablet comment on functionality? Namely compared to Android. I have a Nexus 7, but find that I just use it for the same tasks as my HTC One. Office sounds like it could really come in handy.

I second that. Dock sub-woot!

You have a good point. But most even remotely popular US devices have good third party support. I just auto-installed the latest CyanogenMod on a recently EOL Galaxy Nexus and manually installed the same to a now ancient Galaxy S (no number, the very first version). Still running stock on two other Galaxy phones and two Asus tablets as they are new enough to continue to receive full manufacturer support still.

Don’t buy those Pyle tables! I bought one as a gift for my girlfriend and she locked herself out of it without linking her Gmail account. I tried to hard reset the device–using all the button combinations for Android devices and it didn’t work. Luckily, I was able to get a refund, courtesy of Woot!'s excellent customer service.

Bought the Asus VivoTab at woot a few months back. Love it. Very easy to use and set up. Having the functionality of Office is great. the only drawback we (mainly the kids) found is not as many game apps and no Pandora App for Windows RT. Keyboard is a nice option to have. My husband is the primary user and he prefers the physical keyboard

Unfortunately, it was dropped this last week and part of the screen is cracked and unresponsive to touch in the upper corner. NOTE: for those who don’t know, you can’t get square trade accidental damage policy on refurbished. Screen replacement from ASUS is $249. Going to try to replace digitzer myself. ($45 through ebay).

Actually it means Blank Tablet (although tableta isn’t technically a word)

The actual phrase is “Tabula Rasa” - a blank slate

I trust that little misspell sentence more than President Obama.

I’ve dealt with a few chinese seller. Their English is not great but they stand by the meaning behind those words and do the best to communicate with you. Worst come to worst, call your credit card.

I can’t compare to anything android, but this setup has been good for me (once I sent it back for a display issue, which I assume this refurb has rectified) I like the versatility of keyboard or not, and having office/skydrive is nice for taking it to meetings.