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The Nexus 10 32 GB is normally $500 from Google. $180 off isn’t bad at all!

Im blown away at this $130 price. I almost want to buy it even though I already own one. I had an IPAD 2 and can honestly say I like my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 better if not the same. I highly recommend this tablet to anyone looking for a kick ass tablet.

What warranty is offered on Refurb Samsung 7" tablet?

It was a 90-day Samsung Warranty.

Which service providers support the LG Optimus table with the 4G, I’ve scoured the net and can’ seem to get an answer, it seems to be that they were made for T-Mobile but there’s no clear info on the matter.

I’m looking for something I can add to my ATT account…

it’s GSM, so will work with ATT, as it is unlocked. But you can get it at Walmart for 199.99.

The one at Walmart is WiFi only. No 4G.

umm what? ipad mini 64gb refurb on apple store is 439 vs. 450 here. ang?

So which one would be better, ASUS TRANSFORMER or the Motorola Xyboard? I’m not all that tech savvy, but I need a tablet that I can transfer media to & watch movies on while out to sea.

Does the transformer come with the keyboard?

It doesn’t appear that either Transformer sale comes with a keyboard. Usually if one is included in the sale it is listed within the specifications or often the title.

Does anyone know if the Motorola Xyboard will fit the dock used for the Motorola Xoom? I have two docks and a few wall chargers for my current Xoom but I don’t want to have to buy a whole series of new docks and chargers if I can reuse what I already have.

I use my Xoom A LOT, and it’s got more than a few miles on it. If the price was right I would buy another, but the Xyboard looks like a nice upgrade and the price appears to be a good deal provided I can use my current crop of accessories.

Umm, this is the 64Gb, the one you state is the 32Gb… The 64Gb version is $529 on Apple…

Umm…not the refurb. It’s only $439.

Anyone know if the LG Optimus V909 has an AWS radio? 1700/2100?

My research hasn’t been able to find the radio’s frequencies.

Be Careful ordering either of the Transformer Pad’s if you need/want it quickly.

Ordered the exact tablet 8 Days ago on the Woot-Off, and no shipping information nor do I have the tablet in my hands!

Seems there is an issue with the vendor and they dont ship anytime soon, or if they do there is no way to know it…

With most phones allowing internet sharing, or tethering, why would someone pay extra for 4g capability on the tablet? Assuming one shares the same data plan that is…

I ordered mine 2 months ago and received it within 4 days of ordering…

Does the Google Nexus 10 comes with 1 year warranty from Samsung as stated in the page or is that a mistake?