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I wish I was this lucky!

No AC adaptor or charge cable listed as in the box. Not good.

Hey moderators, is there any way to confirm the presence or absence of an AC adapter or charging cable?

That’s a deal breaker for me as well. Anyone know about the warranty?

The details page indicates it is a 1-year warranty from Samsung.

they’re both sold out, but i can ask for confirmation about the warranty.

we can find out about that.
which item were you looking at?

Just got my Nexus 10 from the Woot off last week. It does come with a charging cable/wall plug.

I am concerned about the warranty since it came with a 90-day card from nuko usa even though it states 1 year from Samsung on the woot page under the features tab:

Can Woot confirm if this is an error, or is the 1-year still accurate?

Well that’s what I suspected, it’s an error in the page, they “fixed it” now… “Warranty: 90 Day Samsung”. And according to what you received is not even from Samsung?

How was your Nexus 10? Is it in good condition?

I’m fairly certain he was referring to the Nexus 10.

we’ve spoken with staff & made some changes to the warranty info. it’s now a 90-day Samsung.

for those who purchased the item, please keep an eye on your inbox for more information.

UPDATE: Our buyers have informed us that Woot will cover the 1 Year Warranty coverage and the 90 Samsung still also applies.
Members who have purchased this offer should receive an email update soon.

The overall shape of mine is pretty flawless except for a small bump on the volume button on top. Nothing to cry about, hardly noticeable. The screen looks brand new to me. I’m happy with this purchase!

Has anyone received this email yet?

I had the same issue – I wondered where my Transformer was, but it wasn’t even in my order history and my card wasn’t charged. I contacted Woot and it turns out the order was never processed. Sometimes people slip through the cracks.

Did you get the tracking number before you got your item? I’m still waiting for mine from the last week’s deal. They said it had been shipped out. But my order staus is still awating shipping and I haven’t got the tracking number yet. I’m getting nervious if I’m the unfortunate one who slips though the cracks

Unfortunately, Xoom and Xyboard accessories are not compatible. Also note that the Xyboards do not have an SDHD card slot. Only way to add storage is via the “camera kit” and USB devices

Anyone know how big the Xtreme Cables 51510 Pink Messenger Bag really is on the inside? It says it will fit a 10" tablet, so will the Transformer fit in it @ 10.1"?

I went to the manufacturer’s website and found nothing. Maybe someone has one? Thanks.

Anyone know if the LG Optamos can be upgraded top ICS or JB without hacking it?

Yeah, I received an email and also saw the tracking number listed in my account. Let’s hope they didn’t miss you!