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Will we see the transformer + dock combo come in Blue soon?

So close to my target price for a tablet for the kids. With all the new tablets about to arrive previous generation products should be dropping even more.

I’d like a 32GB Transformer for $200 or with dock at $250. Almost jumped on a current Ebay deal at that price but that was seller refurbished so the risk was too high. I don’t care what color. Woot, please take note.

Does the logitech wireless keyboard also include the stand/case?

After a TON of shopping I landed on the Toshiba Excite 10 (AT305) and I love it. Impossible to argue with at this price point. I left mine on a plane, and thought I’d have to replace it, and I would’ve with the exact same thing, but I got mine back.

Is the Xoom worth getting at that price ($189.00)?

I plan on using Sketchbook Pro, as an ereader ( I have the Nook Simple Touch), video player, note taking, web browsing and whatever else I can think of later.

What device is this for?

The Motorola Xoom Family Edition

The Xoom Tablets 10.1" and 8.2" are available at today for $199.

Wish they had the ASUS and dock 3 weeks ago! I bought the refurb ASUS here but I ordered a new dock. Of course when I installed 4.2.1 I killed them both. They are now sitting in an ASUS repair facility… unopened. They have been sitting there for a week!

My daughter is interested in the Samsung Ativ tablet. Will it run iTunes?

The Logitech keyboard I ordered Tuesday arrived today. So a big big Yay for that.

It does not include the case/stand that it apparently had when it was first released. The case/stand is in all the reviews, but this keyboard was in retail packaging, so they must have stopped including it.

I’m typing this on it. The keyboard is nice and sturdy, and the keys are very sure and springy. It weighs more than a lot of bluetooth keyboards, probably because it has four batteries instead of two. I’d rate it right up there with the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and the Microsoft Arc keyboard I use on my desk at home.

It is night and day from the cheapie iHome keyboard I’d been using since the Apple one drowned. And to think I paid $30 for that and only $20 for this … I’m seriously tempted to pick up another as a spare.

Yeugh stay away from the stand/speaker combo. As a stand it’s fantastic but the speakers suck and emit a horrible hissing noise.

I assume you mean the folding stand.
My Maxell speakers came today, great and loud sound. I almost didn’t get them but I’m really glad I did. The only thing that could make them better is if they were Bluetooth enabled.

Yes! With a full version of Windows 8 it will theoretically run any program, iTunes shouldn’t be a problem.


Xerxax is correct; I played with one of these at Office Depot the other day and can confirm that it runs full Windows 8 (the same version you’d find on a laptop…not the crippled “RT” version that you find on some tablets). By default the device opens up to the “Metro” screen, which has all the live tiles and behaves like a traditional tablet, but when you tap on the desktop tile, it takes you to a traditional windows desktop where you can install and run any Windows compatible program (including iTunes). This tablet doesn’t have the most powerful processor out there (it uses an Intel Atom processor, which is meant to help with battery life), but it has plenty of power to run most everyday programs quite smoothly from what I hear.

I just bought the Samsung ATIV 500T on refurbished for $400 plus tax. The tablet arrived on Monday and within two hours had just stopped working and never booted again. The 500T came with a full 90 day fix or replace warranty. However, when contacting the company that contracted with they informed me that I would need to give them my credit card number so they can charge me money to evaluate the tablet and charge me for repairs. I am very disappointed in Woot for selling me a defective Tablet and then having another company not honoring the warranty.

I’m sorry to hear that you experienced issues with the warranty.
I would email into Woot Member Services at and let know what happened. They’d be more than happy to assist you in resolving the issue.