Tablets, Convertibles, & Chromebooks

On the Surface Pro 2, for those thinking about it, I have one for two years. Here are the limitations:

  1. It’s a computer. It’s heavy by tablet standards.
  2. Aspect ratio (16:9) greate for movies/tv, but makes it hard to use portrait mode unless you are used to using legal pads. Even on desktop apps, like Outlook/Word, don’t scale well to the small screen/16:9 ratio combination.
  3. The type covers costs extra at $130, and they are not good–short travel keys, imprecise trackpad (have to take hand off to use finger or pen). Adequate for short emails, not for graduate thesis.
  4. To use Microsoft words: this machine is not “lappable”–ok to use as landscape tablet, impossible to as a laptop.
  5. At $700+ (plus $ for a keyboard), you can probably find better deal with last gen i5 machines.

I wrote the majority of my Ph.D. dissertation using a SP2 + Power Cover.

Nexus 7 32gb is the same model that is on Amazon and is $10 cheaper with prime shipping.

The LG 7.0 tablet is fantastic! it has a micro SD slot so dont let the 16GB drive scare you!

LG G-PAD, they said it is unlocked…no I used T-Mobile sim-card it does not work, also LCD panel is defect. I am returning it.