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I got this through Best Buy on sale however the tablet is sluggish and forget about getting a lollipop / android 5.0 upgrade - only the Wifi units get the upgrade not the LTE versions… so much for buying “pure” google thinking I would get an upgrade…

By chance, could you be more specific with which device you’re referring to? “This” doesn’t help. I’m guessing you’re speaking about the Nexus 7 with LTE.

Not true, yes, LTE version has taken longer but it is out there now.

I’m a bit confused. I thought the LTE version only had one sku number and supported AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Looked up the bands and the AT&T bands are there. I don’t know how this could be carrier locked.

The Linovo Miix is the same price with prime shipping on amazon. I got one of these just the last time and while it looks lovely mine arrived DOA. Hoping Woot will make it right!

The unit on Amazon is win 8.1 home. Woot unit here is 8.1 Pro. Big difference.

I had good luck with Asus repairing a tablet that died. Shipped down to Texas and it was back very fast.

FedEx lost mine, admitted to such, and is going to reimburse Woot.

The last email from Woot customer service told me to check with my neighbors…again, FedEx has already admitted to loosing it!

I want Woot to just send a replacement, but the they just informed me this morning that one isn’t available. Odd, since they are listed right now!!!

And the next email:

File a police report and email a copy of said report to Woot.

I’ve extensively explained that FedEx has taken responsibility for the missing package.

What they have asked would be me filing a false report…

I brought an ASUS Zenbook a few months back. It was the exact model that I wanted but when I got it, I got the crappy 1366 X 768 model, not the 1080p model that they CLEARLY TITLED. Also was suppose to have Windows 8 but had Windows 7… not

Makes it worst is that apparently I must be the only one with this issue because no one else posted and said they got the wrong one. I was willing to send it back, wait, and send me the right one but they too insisted on refunding me. I didn’t want that and demanded for the right model but the best they could do was give me a petty partial refund If they were going that route, then I asked for a much reasonable refund for all this trouble misled information. Complained on the thread, and finally someone got back to me.

That being said, I’ll still buy something from Woot… just not these mini-stores that they have.

I’m so ready to be over this…

Latest email said to wait some more.

So, we’ve gone from;

  1. Wait
  2. File a police report
  3. Wait

And all through this, FedEx has admitted to loosing it has given me the information to pass on to Woot for reimbursement.

Due to the value of the item and that the tracking shows delivered, we need a police report filed to proceed. Once you have that, contact CS with that information.

FedEx confirmed that they lost it whenever I spoke to a rep on Saturday (apparently they tried on both Friday and Saturday to recover it). Never once did they even insinuate that it was stolen, but instead that it was delivered to the wrong location (3rd time FedEx has done this).

They made it clear that they will refund you for the item.

I don’t understand why you are asking me to file a fraudulent police report.

And now I’ve been told to wait for 10 days…

FedEx is going to reimburse Woot for the item!

I’m done with Woot.

The next step is the BBB…