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I purchased one of the ASUS Transformer not too long ago and have been very happy with it. I prefer the small size and it is the perfect replacement for my old Eee 1000.

Build quality is pretty good, I don’t feel like I’m about to break it when using it. Battery life seems good as well.

I’ve stopped using my Android tablet since I’ve gotten this.

I’d give is a solid 8.5 out of 10. Wish it had a few more ports, minor issue really. Bang per buck ratio is hard to beat.

Can anyone who bought the “Factory Reconditioned” white Nexus 7 comment on the actual condition?

Looks like this Acer W700-6831 refurb does not come with either the dock or the Bluetooth keyboard case.

Correct. It is the tablet alone, as shown.

Hi, I am wondering if this Transformer comes with windows office?

Nope, you’ll need to separately purchase an Office Key.

when will be this offer (nexus 7 32GB 2013 Model) comes again…eagerly waiting to buy that in future…

We don’t have a set schedule for sales. Just keep checking back.

can you give a probable date this package.

also in future will you bring this product: "
ASUS Google Nexus 7 Gen 2 32GB 4G LTE Unlocked Tablet PC - Refurbished"

Came here to say do NOT buy the Kobo. It’s a piece of junk. You do get what you pay for.

In for a Transformer.

Just checked one out in person (32G version) and was pleased.

It isn’t as sleek as the Surface, but for the price, is a steal in comparison.

Should do what I need nicely (entertainment and some work duty).

The tablet I got was in near perfect condition other than the fact they shipped me the wrong capacity and I was forced to ship it back.

Anyone used one of those Lenovo 7" tablets? The 16gb one seems like a good deal to me at only $70 shipped.

Did some research. Looks like it’s about the same (or exact same not sure) hardware as the Galaxy S2 phone if you get the one with 1gig of ram. I would think this is about as low spec-wise as anyone would want in a tablet.

want to buy this so badly: nexus 7 32GB 2013
pls bring back this one with that price :slight_smile:

100% agree. The item is NOT a Kobo reader it is made by a different company - Slick - but has access to the Kobo online book store.

Hey tmiller19711 - did your Transformer Infinity come w/out a keyboard dock?

Did I miss some fine print somewhere?

I already filled out a “problem with my order” submission.



Noooope. They just muffed it.

Offering me $22 in compensation.

I am insulted - not to mention seriously disappointed!

Oh…that sucks.

Fingers crossed the other model Transformer includes it.

$22 is a joke. How did they come up with that number?

All is well…

I think it was basically a kneejerk autoresponse sort of thing, maybe 10% of purchase price?

After some hardcore negotiation, they’re giving me back enough to eBay a dock.

Muuuuuuuch better :slight_smile: