I bought the Hisense during the last woot off. It has been pretty good for a basic web browsing emailing , media playing modern Android tablet

It does run android 4.1.1 and does have the official Google apps like the Play store and Gmail,

Asus ME400-C1-BK VivoTab Smart 64GB Tablet
I have many tablets ,laptops ,CPU towers, mini macs, NAS with all OS types, yes I am a computer junky .
This little tablet rocks! Not the best reviews on Amazon but mine worked perfect . I suspect the poor reviews were due more with the early versions of Win 8!
Updated free with ms Windows to os8.2 the easiest of all my systems.
Note charging mini port is also USB input , so to charge and use a thumb drive you have to use an adapter or either use the thumb drive on battery only. You will also need a mini to standard USB cable for a thumb drive or HD (self powered drive)

 Note it does have a removable mini SD card slot.

I bought the same thing, which I’m typing this on right now. (The virtual keyboard works ok if you touch-type.) The only caveat is that the VivoTab is as sluggish as I’d guessed it would be by the CPU & RAM specs. :confused: Otherwise, everything about it works. It’s nice to have a very portable Windows 8 PC.

Oh yeah, one other thing: the included 10 watt power supply is insufficient to charge the device while it’s in use. The charge went down about 5% over less than an hour while plugged in, and it took about 3 hours just to charge about 50% (not in use) before that. Still, the battery lasts several hours by itself.

Just got my Asus MeMO Pad ME301T, very pleased with its performance, beyond watching live streaming TV. playing games. This is my first tablet purchase, second android device. I see complaints about the resolution online but for the price point, the power of the unit is quite good. Everything looks clear and snappy to me.

Which, if any, of the Windows tablets have Office H&S preinstalled?

Only Windows RT tablet come with Office pre-installed - the Office Home & Student 2013 RT Edition.

Regular Windows 8 computers and tablets do not have Office preinstalled.

Does anyone have any experience with the Razer Edge Pro?

According to the Sero 7 LT’s specs, as posted:

How, exactly, does one go about upgrading it to 4.3? The device upgraded itself to 4.1.1, but offered no further system updates.

Edit - after doing a bunch of research online, it seems there is no further planned official upgrade for the Sero 7 LT. It may be upgradable to Android 4.3, but you’re literally on your own.

I do! (I have a lot of toys.)

It’s by far the most powerful tablet available currently, and even though it doesn’t have an amazing graphics card by gaming PC standards, it still runs games well at its native resolution. It’s bigger & heavier than most tablets, and gets quite hot under load, but is your most portable option if you don’t want a full gaming laptop.

An issue is that, while they haven’t replaced the Edge with a newer model, the accessories are almost impossible to find. The gaming controller that comes in this bundle is not readily available as it is, so this would be one of your only ways to get it. Consequently, you could potentially resell this bundle for more than you paid since the accessories are generally only seen on eBay at huge markups.

If you want to get this for gaming, keep in mind you have three options: use the bundled controller dock and on-screen keyboard, connect bluetooth peripherals, or add wired peripherals via a USB hub; the Edge only has a single USB port at the top. Going with the 2nd or 3rd options will require you to come up with some kind of stand to hold up the Edge so you can see it while not obstructing the power cable, which unfortunately attaches at the bottom.

Does anyone know if these have any video out connections? Could I connect it to a presentation projector?

The Acer Iconia 16GB tablet is available on Amazon for $80 shipped (refurbished) or $120 (new).

So who has that Transformer Pad Infinity? I’ve heard that the memory slows down over time, but using a 4.3 or higher ROM helps with that due to better TRIM support. Anybody have experience?

I have the infinity, and while the tablet may also slow down over time the main issue with it and my old Transformer Prime (TF201) is that the flash memory is just slow. Not that it’s misused by the OS, just that it’s poorly spec’d in the first place. So much so that people have had better luck booting to a fast microSD card with a custom ROM loaded than running off of the stock flash memory.

That said, I love the thing. The battery life I get out of it using the keyboard dock is great, and having the keyboard actually physically attached makes it my ideal mobile work unit. I do have some frustrations with application and launcher loading speed, but I am running a custom ROM from the XDA Developer forums and it definitely helps.

The connectors will be listed on the Specs. Look for HDMI or mini-HDMI.

Can the ipad 2 with ios 5 be upgraded to ios 7?

is the ipad 2 unlocked so that service can be started with ATT or will it need something to be added to their service for 3G since it didn’t come directly from them?

Yes. It will show up as an available update from the general settings menu.

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting things set up with AT&T. You’ll just need to register the device with them. If you take it to an AT&T store, they can help you right there; you should also be able to register online.

Re: is the ipad 2 unlocked so that service can be started with ATT or will it need something to be added to their service for 3G since it didn’t come directly from them?

If the specs say AT&T then the tablet is locked. However, you can have AT&T unlock any BYOD (bring your own device) once you have had AT&T service on the device for 6 months. The total cost for least expensive cellular data plan is $15/month for 200 MB (total cost $15 x 6 months = $90), with activation fee of ~$35, for a grand total cost of ~$125. Consider getting AT&T service as a last resort, as there are many unlocking services on the Internet, although some of them charge a premium for Apple devices.