Samsung XE700T1A-A06US 11.6" 128GB Series 7 Slate Tablet We almost ordered 3 (look at all of our prior orders) until we saw our favorite B & H Photo who we’ve spent almost as many thousands of $ with as W00T and 3 other retailers carries it for the same exact price without any tax. Sorry W00T you’re losing us in some areas. $75 - $100 less and we would have bought it from you. We will never pay even $1 more to buy from you as you don’t appreciate our business or quality posts.

During last listing I bought two of the Samsung tab 3 7 inch tablets and out of those two one came out to have nasty scratches on the back cover and some booger looking thing on the included pouch. There was also a single big gouge on the screen. Second unit however had a clean screen and very minor blemishes on the back cover.

Beware when you buy a refurbished products from Woot. And beware of Samsung customer service support. Woot only allow 21 day return of products. My tablet bought Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 has passed the 21 return day, it got dead pixels and green pixels after the return date. Woot told me to contact Samsung. However, after submitting the request for service on Samsung website, I have not heard from Samsung for 3 days. I email Woot again asking to making an exception to accept return or exchange of the tablet, and Woot has not respond back. Some people might have better luck than I do, but I am having a horrible experience with Samsung and Woot right now. :frowning:

I got the Note 8.0, and I love it. I use it more than my laptop when taking notes at school, and it’s perfect when outfitted with a Bluetooth Keyboard.

I have a 12.2 inch Note Pro from Samsung, my roommate has a 10.1 inch Tab, and we both love them. The tablets Samsung makes are super high quality, and even a bunch of the bundled bloatware is surprisingly awesome.

If you have another Samsung device, check out Side Sync 3.0 + Samsung Link, it’s really a no-brainer at that point. I pair mine to my Note 3, home PC, and work Macbook. Great experience, highly recommend.

So I bought the Nexus 7 32gb. It says it is new, not refurb. I bought the Nexus 7 16gb months ago. It said new, but came as a refurb. They said I could send it back for a new one, then said they had no new ones and issued and credit. So are these 32gb going to be new or will we have the same issue?

Our desperate hope is that they will go out as advertised.

Um…0.o Not exactly reassuring… :confused:

I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 black 32gb edition last time around.
It arrived boxed as new with no outward signs of use. But, it had what appeared to be a 1/4" yellow stain on the bottom right of the display. I think it was light bleed. It was just noticeable enough to be annoying on such a nice hi-res display.
Woot took it back and said no replacements available.
Literally the day after I shipped it (a day after none were available), they came on again…huh?? So, I ordered another and it’s been perfect. Super fast compared to my old Toshiba Thrive. Love the Samsung keyboard. Display is quite good. Sound is acceptable. Love the size. No glitches, no stuttering, no weirdness. Happy with the product.

I ordered Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, Screen just flashes and blinks at me upon turning on the unit, still haven’t heard back from Woot. Recieved this on Wednesday and promptly contacted Woot the same day. It’s been 2 days now since contacting them. Outwardly the Tablet appears new, it said referb. The tablet felt loose in the box.

Sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back regarding your order.

Normally, we’d recommend that you contact Samsung Customer Support as your item should still carry a 90 Day Samsung Warranty.

If you find that they’re unable to help you, please feel free to email into again and let the know.

bought Asus MeMO Pad ME301T 2 times

both work amazing. quick etc etc

the resolution isnt = to a samsung
but idc

works awesome with pretty much any game i toss at it. Thumbs up!

samsung galaxy tab3 rocks, solid design, and cases are plentiful and inexpesive right now. got the tablet on a woot-off, and a case for it on clearance at the red discount store they don’t like guns in the store yet their logo is for shooting…

Just purchased and received the
Samsung 11.6" 128GB Core i5 Slate Tablet.

It is a $750 hand warmer. Being brand new out of the box I expected to start using it the day I opened it. Unfortunately the PC freezes up within minutes of booting and running the pre-installed OS, Windows 7. I am currently asking for a full refund. I’m in a hurry to find a working tablet/laptop/PC for the home so I can communicate with my family while being halfway across the world.